The Change

The Change

      Last Wednesday, I had such a brilliant discussion with my friends – Dila, Ummi, and Iqi. It was started when we talked about novels for this semester, and about Mrs. Nida. Then we talked about our senior who had graduated last March with cumlaude. The topics were unusual that day. Because of that small discussion, a new change was started. 

      I myself has always wanted to be a part of change in any kind of things. I do hope that I can inspire others, especially people around me to be a better person. And to be a change-maker is a truly honorable job. Then the small discussion we had at Fathulloh last wednesday was an impetus of the change I has always dreamed of. I am glad to know that my friends have the same vision as mine – to be a better learner of English. We also have the same goal – to improve our English. I do feel very happy when I saw their enthusiasm when we discussed about the plan to make a practicum by our own. I could see how the three of them wanted to achieve more in their learning process and therefore, they need help and good team-work. All set well – the plans and everything. But we had some sorts of problems. We wanted to do the change together – the eight of us, without any exception. Then how can we unite? All of us, our group, to reach the same goal and pursue the things we have always desired. Some of us, perhaps, are not having the same vision. Some of us, perhaps, are having our own definition of success and happy. But last Wednesday, the four of us had had a deal to improve our English together. And we wanted to do that together. As I said, “From four people to eight. From eight people to 16, and then on and on.” That was, I think, the first task we need to accomplish. To unite all of us, to have the same vision and goal. To work together in the solid and good team. 

      I talked a lot in that discussion and I had a blast because of that. It felt good when some people listened to you and it was good to encourage our loved ones. It was a small discussion, but I hope will bring a huge impact for all of us in the end. I thank Ka F for inspiring me to be able to do that. He is a truly leader who inspires me to do more for people around me. Moreover, for the first time, I felt happy to share what I knew with other people. I did not keep it for myself. I did not expect any Thank yous from them or any compliments. I did not feel like I was the greatest. I did not afraid if someone else will be smarter and greater than me. I did not afraid that, perhaps, their GPAs will be higher than mine in the end. For the first time, I did not think about those things. What I thought was what I could do to help them. What I wanted to do was to inspire them to be the best version of themselves. 

       That small discussion had opened my eyes and my mind. It inspired me to learn more, help more, share more and inspire more. It made me realize that in this life, what truly matters is what we have done and given to others. How useful we are for the people around us and what an impact can we give to others’ lives. So, together with my beloved friends, we will make a change. We will do our plans and pursue our goals together. Together, we will be the change-makers. And we will, hopefully, be successful together in the end. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014. Fathulloh’s terrace. Around 4 p.m. Ciputat. 


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