Traffic in Jakarta

Traffic in Jakarta

       Traffic in Jakarta is getting worse every day. And it is caused by three major reasons – too many motorcycles on the roads, many of the public minivans or famously known as angkot or buses take too much time waiting for passengers or known as “Ngetem,” and many motorists use their cars with one person only inside.

     First of all, the motorcycles in Jakarta are growing in numbers signifantly. That is, probably because the prices are affordable for most Indonesians. The motorcycles contribute to the traffic jam in Jakarta because they take over half of the roads every day, especially in the morning. Also, they like to take shortcuts and use the sidewalks for their own sake. 

      The second is the time that public minivans and buses take to get passengers. The term “Ngetem” is familiar with Indonesians. Most of the public minivans and buses in Jakarta ngetem very long. It may takes up to one hour or more to get passengers. Therefore, they park on a left side of the road and make the roads narrower. And it worsen the traffic. Moreover, they always pick up the passengers wherever they or the passengers like. 

      The last is because the motorists use their cars which is occupied only by themselves. A great number of cars is on the roads every day which makes the traffic worse. 

       In conclusion, traffic in Jakarta is getting worse mainly because of the motorcycles, the habit of ngetem of the public minivans and buses, and the “One car, one person” habit of motorists. 


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