2 #30DayChallenge

2 #30DayChallenge

Okay, let us moving on to the second challenge, this one is how I have changed in the past two years. Talking about my change or transformation in these past two years is interesting and embarrassing at the same time. Two years ago, I was in my early semester being a happy and free soul. I was so so into my college life.

Nothing much changes over these two years, I am still a happy and free soul although I am more bitter and tired now, of surviving my final semester. In terms of my physical appearance, the changes might be about me getting more weight and acne that are now showing up on my face. Everything else remains the same.

But, in terms of my personality and perspective, I can say that things are pretty much changed. Two years ago, I was just a regular student who knew her passion in English, but not specifically in English writing. I also saw everything much simpler back then. I was free from judgments and prejudices. My main interest was English and never thought that I would be so into creativity. My mind now is also much more complex. One day I can think about chilling out at home while another day I will be very excited about making the world a better place for my grandchildren. Weird, I know. It is just that I have clearer pictures about my future now. I, moreover, talk about future with my friends on a daily basis now which we rarely did back then. I now feel like I am really embracing my adulthood (I am approaching 22, by the way) but remains as easy going and fun as a child. I do not want to let myself stressed out with the routine, so I always try to find time to do my hobbies. I am making time for my hobbies, that is a change as well.

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I must say that life was easier back then. But, I am not interested in re-living it as I am trying to enjoy what I have now. The past really helps me in shaping everything I am now. I am grateful for everything that has happened and will continuously try my best for my current and future self.

What changes most, I suppose, is how my passion slowly shifts from speaking to writing and from London, UK, to New York, US. Two years ago, I was really passionate about speaking. I constantly practiced my speaking and I read many speaking books. Today is not really different though as I am still practicing my speaking. What is different is that I do not have time or interest in reading speaking books anymore. I am now focusing on reading and expanding my knowledge about writing. I read many blogs and books related to writing. I now worship writers more than speakers. I am also more serious in building a career in writing after graduation. Speaking, for me now, is like a hobby. I am still passionate about it even though I no longer read books about it. Writing, on the other hand, is something that I really want to focus my heart and mind into and I prove it by reading books about writing. I also now frequently come to many writing events to expand my knowledge.

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The next significant change is my love for London, UK, that now changes to New York, US. If two years ago was about pouring myself with everything about London – culture, British accent, movies, iconic places, and universities – I am now pouring myself with everything about New York. I even have this dream to study creative writing at NYU which is huge! My interest just changes like that, like all I liked about London just went away and now I am all about New York.

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So, that is all about my changes in these past two years. I know it is not something physical, but I think, my mental changes are much more important than my physical one. Yeah.


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