3 #30DayChallenge

3 #30DayChallenge

Without further due, here is number 3 – what kind of person attracts you. Well, the first quality that comes up in my mind is surely intelligence. I am forever attracted to intelligent, creative, inspiring people.

Ever since I was a junior high student, I have always attracted to smart people. For me, intelligence is sexy, more than physical look. As I grow up, my attraction to intelligence grows bigger. I am easily attracted by someone who loves reading, who collects books, who goes to libraries, who discusses ideas, who executes plans, who chases their dreams.

Of course there are other things or qualities that attract me, but intelligence seems to be in the top of the list. Now, I have a way bigger view of intelligence. I am not limited the term to only those who have lots of degrees and publish many international papers. Intelligence, for me now, is a quality that every person possesses. I am currently attracted to video makers on YouTube who are really fun and creative.

Source: Google

So, what I am saying is, I am attracted to intelligence and passion. It is just so heartwarming to see passionate people do what they love doing. It is like there is a positive vibe and spark around them that is so contagious. Many times I fall for someone who is into something, even if that is video games, it is just fun listening to someone bubbling about the things they like even if they are insignificant for me.

I love people who have interests, hobbies, and passions, and make efforts for them. I love people who can be both serious and fun, with whom I can throw jokes at but discuss deep topics at the same time, with whom I can be more knowledgeable every day. So, basically, someone who is nourishing my mind and soul.

I know that physical appearance can be so appealing, and kindness and politeness can be so inviting as well. I also like people with those qualities, who would not? but still, passion and intelligence come first for me. I mean, even a handsome face will be not so pleasant to see every day, we need more than that, something deep and something more lasting, like personality and yes, passion.

Source: Google

So, if you want to attract me, just tickle my brain with some topics. It does not have to be with the heavy economic or political issues as I am also lost in them, just pick a topic that interests you and talk to me through it, and I can assure you that I will be impressed.


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