5 #30DayChallenge

5 #30DayChallenge

5 – 5 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex

Source: Google

Well, these five irritating things apply for both sexes. Men and women who do these things seriously irritate me.

1. Control freak

Yes, people who are controlling and bossy. The ones who do offer advice and help but do it too much that they start to control my life. The ones who live with a set of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

2. Selfish and attention seeker

People who just want to talk about themselves all the time, the ones who want to be listened to but ignore other’s speaking. The ones who do anything that makes them happy regardless of what other people feel.

3. Coming late

This one irritates me a lot. I know sometimes I can be late as well but now I am trying to be always punctual. People who are not punctual are seriously annoying. They make me wait and they tend to full of ego to apologize.

4. Disorganizing things

I am such a freak when it comes to things organization, tidiness, and cleanliness. So, it will irritate me so much to see things disorganized here and there and when I see a bag full of clutter and unclear stuff.

5. Fun and serious in wrong circumstances

Yes, I hate people who laugh and make jokes when I am in the middle of saying serious things. I hate when people make fun of some sort of serious and deep discussion. I mean, we can be fun in other times, but now? seriously dude.

There are might be some other things that irritate me, but those five are the ones that got my head explode with anger (too much? okay). So, that is all!


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