1 #30DayChallenge

1 #30DayChallenge

Wohoo, I am gonna be doing this 30 day challenge starting from today! I found this picture on Pinterest and was interested in giving it a go right away. So, here I am, writing or doing my first day challenge.


As we can see, the first challenge is about weird things I do when I am alone. I am weird in a most elegant way possible, therefore, I do many weird things especially when I am alone. But, these two will be the weird and fun things combined that I do when I am alone – dancing crazily and talking to myself.

First of all, I love dancing so much. It relaxes me and makes me happy. I might look shy on the outside (especially for strangers), but I can be super wild on the inside. I will listen to the fun songs first and then dance following the rhythm. I am shameless when I am alone. I can do super weird and embarrassing dance moves for hours. I will also sing loudly and act as if I am a singer. That is fun, actually.

The songs have to be loud, fun, cheerful, and usually fast-paced. The song I am currently into is Daddy by Psy. The music video, in case you have not watched, is so ridiculously hilarious. I cannot help it but dance my ass off. Another song that makes me shake my body hard is coming from my favorite singer, Adele, called Send My Love. This song is so catchy that I set it on repeat.

Talking about dancing brings me to the past when I used to be really shy and not expressive even when I was alone. I was just too tight to have fun. But, now, as I am embracing weirdness, I am pretty happy to dance weirdly as it makes me happy. It truly affects my mood, to be honest, I can turn to be extremely happy from extremely sad. Dancing energizes me as well. It is good, you should try this too.

Source: Google

Second, I talk to myself. I am personally not considering this one as a weird thing, I think this one is pretty normal. But, for most people, talking to ourselves can be considered crazy. It is terrifying as well to see someones talks to him/herself, especially in public. I will also think that the person might be crazy or have some sort of mental illness or, although this one will be very unlikely, very very creative and busy with his/her own mind. I mean, just look at a child or a toddler, people will tolerate him talking to himself even when he talks about the most illogical things. This toddler will talk (a lot) in public. He will describe things, sing random songs, point at something and babble about it. These things are normal considering his age and his thinking capacity, not to mention his awareness of surrounding. This is acceptable. Case closed.

On the other hand, for adults like yours truly here, talking to myself will be as crazy as it sounds. I sometimes do that even in public just because it is fun and mind-nourishing. I, of course, keep it low so other people won’t hear me. But, there are just some adults that I encounter especially in public buses who talking to themselves. They are mumbling things, nonsense, most of the time. That scares the hell out of me. That, furthermore, I can consider as crazy although I do not know the motive behind it.

Source: Google

I do not want to be called a crazy person, of course, so I try not to talk to myself in public. But, in private, oh I do talk to myself, quite a lot, actually. Talking to myself is a sort of therapy for me, just like writing. Many times, when I feel lonely and have no one to talk to, I will talk to myself about many things. I may talk in English and Bahasa Indonesia, mostly in English now – to practice, that’s it.

I will act as an actress being interviewed or a speaker in a conference, anything that makes me speak. Yes, I am role playing, with myself. Maybe this is why I consider this as a weird thing I do when I am alone because it is. Maybe not many people do that. I am unique then, or crazy. You choose.

Talking to myself also calms me when I am worried and stressed. It is like I have a friend who listens to me when I have lots of things to say. I also consider this blog or other writing media as a friend where I share anything.

So, that is all, my two weird things that I do when I am alone. I can think of anything else, but those two are the most common and frequent things I do when I am alone and I consider them as weird things. Dancing is actually not weird though, but dancing alone in the middle of the night, surely is.

Even though those two things are weird, I plan to keep doing it in the future because it is fun. I mean, in these busy days, we need one or two things that can cheer us up no matter what, right? I am glad I have found my things, I hope you will find yours.

Finally, my first challenge checked! I am looking forward to writing the rest of the challenges. This challenge is so interesting and helpful especially for my writing routine and practice.

Until the second challenge, folks!


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