On Becoming A Creative Person

On Becoming A Creative Person

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I used to underestimate creative or artsy people because I was all about academic stuff like the ones you find at school. So, taking a drawing course or spending time at an art center would be a big NO for me. It was me years ago, the person I am now is just the opposite.

I appreciate art and the creativity. I have been working for these past two years to be more creative especially in writing. When I was younger, I used to think that I was not born to be an artist because I could not draw – my drawing was and still is horrible. I could not sing either, I do sing for my own ears. It took ages for me to master some arts like the jahit or rajut thing when I was in junior high school. I could do some styles though at the end and I was really proud of my work. And, finally, I simply believed that I was just not born with art streaming down my blood. That belief stuck in me for years even until I graduated senior high school.

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Then, at my first semester of university, I met my speaking lecturer for the first time and was inspired by her right away. I remember reading a book saying that public speaking is an art, I then think that my ability in English speaking can be considered as an art. I am then, after all, is not bad at art. I might just have not found the right type of art.

I enjoy my university life. When I was at my third semester, I had my writing class for the first time. Right then I knew that I would be excel at this class. I had this strong confident from my heart. I then learned to craft a piece after piece. I still remember how thrilled I was when I saw a comment from my lecturer “nice!” on my poem about friendship. I then knew that I might be good at writing. My passion in writing started to grow.

It has been years since that appreciative comment coming to me. I am now claiming myself as an aspiring writer. I hold this belief that I am good at writing, at putting words together, at producing something good to read. Writing is my creativity and my art. This is something that makes me happy to be alive.

I also believe that being able to understand a foreign language is another type of art and creativity. The fact that mastering a language needs skills and strategies is logical enough to call myself a creative person. I now focus on my English like I always do. This particular language is like my soul.

The version of me now believes that creative and artsy people are not nerdy, but just the opposite, cool. I used to underestimate people or guys in a band, I mean, would it be cooler hanging out with engineers and professors? I mean, what is the point of playing music if you end up being penniless? Yes, I was that judgmental.

The opinion about the income of a band thing is still an issue until now. People who work in a creative industry have been the soft target of this delicate issue. But, looking at the reality, doing creativity in this country indeed will not give us much. I, to be really honest, will take my writing as my side job, with teaching as my main one. I am still not sure how writing will take me, but still, I am not giving it up.

My old perspective about creative people has long gone. I now perceive creative people as cool and inspiring ones. I also perceive arts and creativity from many angles. Creative people are not only the ones who draw and paint, but also the ones who write. They are not only the song writers, but also the video makers. They are not only the designers, but also the teachers. I mean, creativity has a lot ranges that I have not discovered. All people are actually born with creativity side with them, the types are just not the same.

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So, my appreciation to creative people grows bigger each day. As I am busy watching You Tubers on their videos, I then think how many creative people out there and how cool they all are. I no longer over praise people at schools or those who excel at their academic life, and I no longer under praise the ones who excel at other things like music and film. Each of us has our own talents, it is our job to discover and direct them.

I am still obsessed about becoming a (more) creative person, and I wish one day I can expand my creativity to film making, painting, illustrating, etc. Right now, I will take writing as my most creative medium. I surely will focus on this now and ever, as you might predict.

Lastly from me, even if it is cool to have degrees and be so good at sciences, but would not it be nicer to have other skills such as in web designing, writing stories, painting, and even public speaking? I mean, to always learn and improve ourselves, so we can maximize our both parts of brain.

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Cheers to creativity!


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