Reuniting with High School Sweethearts

Reuniting with High School Sweethearts

Last Sunday was such a blast for me and my high school mates. As planned, we held a breakfasting feast at Dini’s house. I and my girls had prepared for that very carefully and passionately. Having a breakfasting feast like that is like our annual event that we hold to catch up with each other. Time surely flies and we do not want to be so lost contact.

Sunday afternoon was cloudy though. It was raining cats and dogs. I and my friends had a hard time reaching Dini’s house that day. I arrived the first though. I went straight into Dini’s room and we chatted while waiting for others.

We prepared the drink, food, and fruit. Our friends one by one came and headed straight into upstairs. Around 6 p.m., we were all together and broke our fast by drinking the fruit beverage and eating fried snacks. We then performed Magrib prayer and enjoyed the meal together.

It was nice eating together with them after a long time. I did not greet my friends one by one though, especially the boys. We were still not very close towards each other. But, I definitely had a blast with my girlfriends. Kartika also had a blast herself, she even had this idea to buy the balloons for our property.

I missed my classmates. Some of them could not make it that day. I wanted to talk to my friends that evening, but there was just this boundary we could not remove yet. The boundary that made intimacy difficult to have.

Despite the individualism and the awkwardness, we had a fun taking pictures together. It is true that taking pictures really unite people together.

They might not be the best pals I wish I have, but they are just the people who really colored my senior high school moments bright. We had been through a lot of stuff together and that memory would last forever. So, thanks 12 IPS B, cheers for more years to come!


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