A Special Dinner with DIMMS

A Special Dinner with DIMMS

There are so many stories that I would like to share here. First thing first, a story of my special dinner with my girls. Well, since this is Ramadhan, then it was a special breakfasting.

Last Tuesday was supposed to be our movie and dinner date. We planned to watch the most anticipated movie, The Conjuring 2 at the theater and then we would have a nice breakfasting together. We met at our usual mall around 3 p.m. I met Miftah first and we were surprised to see how many people were already there lining in front of the ticket counter. We were hopeless to know that the movie tickets were almost sold out. The only available seat was in the front row and the available time was around 7 p.m. We were heartbroken. We surely cancelled our movie date that day.

It was not like we did not try or something. We visited almost three cinemas to watch the movie that day but it was in vain. We then decided to give that up and just headed to one fine restaurant to have a breakfasting. We opted for D’Cost that day which was very unlike us. We headed to D Mall still in Depok neighborhood and soon had our reservation.

Tired and disappointed, we waited for 30 minutes or so until the restaurant opened. During the wait, I talked with Miftah basically about our respective thesis-writing process. Well, sometimes I got bored talking about it, but the topic seemed inevitable for us nowadays. While I and Miftah had a nice talk, the other girls had their way to the nearest praying room. When they got back, I and Miftah were already inside the restaurant and reserved our seats. We got the outdoor space which was both nice and windy. We felt a bit fancy that day.

The clock showed 5.15 p.m. when we were busy choosing the meals from the menu. We had a hard time deciding which food we should order. We finally ordered pretty many foods though – the fish, crispy mushrooms, beansprouts, chicken, shrimps, and even omelette. Here is the look of our full table that evening:

We loved all of the foods we had. We refilled our glasses several times, we took many plates of sambal, and we prepared extra rice that ended up being untouched because we were full already after the first portion.

It was such a lovely evening with my girls. Of course, we were still mad about cancelling the movie date, but the foods clearly cheered us up. During our dinner, we talked a lot about our upcoming class breakfasting, our theses (still), and our hang out plans in the  future. That night, we were not worried about the price of our dinner, we were not stressed over the fact that we would be going home broke, we were just happy to have this lovely dinner together. It had been a while since our last time catch-up, so going fancy would be just fine.

After filling our stomachs with the delicious foods, we took some selfies together just because it was mandatory to mark that special dinner.

We took several pictures and did some editing. Just like any other normal teenagers (are we still qualified to be called one? well), we then uploaded the pictures on our social media. Shasa and Icha was long busy with their Path accounts since we got there. As we edited our pictures, we thought about the potential nice caption that would be written along the pictures. I, who claimed myself as a writer, obviously thought hard for that. I then came up with something like, “Memories are not found, but they are created”, looking at what we were doing right there, making time to see each other again in the middle of our busy schedules.

Soon, the caption was agreed on, liked, and used. Being silly, I proposed the word “uhuy” at the end of it as well. My girls then proposed that we could use our name order to mark our picture because we were gonna use the same caption and probably for the same picture. It was silly, I know, it was like the thing that senior high school students would do. Even so, we were happy and that was what mattered most.

That night was special because of the togetherness and the food. To fix our mood, we planned to watch the movie on Monday together and we were determined not to have another breakfasting because we were broke. I think that having that lovely dinner was nice to do once in a while. The price was really worth it plus it was not too expensive anyway, it was pretty affordable especially when you dined with a lot of people just like I did with my girls.

We went home around 8 p.m. that night and I went home with Icha by train. It turned out that I enjoyed train ride especially with that easy route. I might use train more often in the future because it was faster and cheaper. Finally, it was such a day and we totally had a blast.


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