Reuniting with #EED12A

Reuniting with #EED12A

I am finally here writing again on my blog. I am finally writing something that is not academic related. Yeah! The last two days had been spent by writing two major reports this semester. It was exhausting but rewarding at the same time. This post, as you can guess, will be about my reunion with my class.

So, we have been separated by our own things related to our teaching practice. We hardly see each other, we face our own lives and challenges, we hardly communicate as well. The only communication we have is the one we do through WhatsApp. This week was such a blast for us, not only that we could finally see each other again although because of the reports submission, we would also finally have our small yet intimate reunion after almost four months of separation.

It was started when Inten jokingly invited us to have a breakfasting together or the so called bukber. She, furthermore, pointed to Sasya and kindly asked her to be the host. Sasya agreed on that and the rest of the plan just fell into place perfectly. The place was ready, the time was finally set, the transportation was arranged. Everything was set. We were so excited.

Last Thursday was the day. I packed my bag and headed to my campus around 10 a.m. would catch up with my girls and did some errands first. I headed to Language Center of my campus and saw my girls there. We were there to do a TOEFL Test registration. It was awkwardly funny – seeing my girls again. We were happy to see each other again. We finally did the registration, and once we were done, we headed to the kosan.

As I arrived at the kosan, I found Inten at her room with a blanket covering her body. She was still the same, the same funny weird Inten I knew since the day one. We then talked, we just basically caught up with our respective lives. It was very nice – being there and talking to those funny bitches. I am feeling nostalgic as I am writing this. That kosan has been our place for years. There were many many sweet memories happened there.

We then got ready and headed to the train station. We set off around 1.30 p.m. We went to Sasya’s house by train and well, a car ordered through grab car application. It was such a new adventure for us. We were finally on our way to Sasya’s house. The train trip took around 1 hour and 3o minutes. We did not talk much on the train as we were tired from the hunger and thirst. It was raining when we were at Duri Station. Luckily though, it was crystal clear at Tangerang Station.

Done with our train trip, we continued our journey by car. It was nice and noisy in the car. We were so chatty that we could talk about anything. It took us around 30 minutes or so to finally get to Sasya’s house. We finally arrived around 3. 30 p.m. We went inside and greeted Sasya’s family. We then relaxed our bodies after that long exhausting journey.

Everything was almost ready – Sasya’s mother surely knew how to welcome and pamper her guests. Once we heard the azan, we directly dig in to the super fresh fruit ice. We were still worried though because the rest of us had not arrived yet. We had our meals first and we totally enjoyed that. Around 6.30, the rest of our friends came. It was pretty fun even when we were not a full team. Some of our folks could not join us for some reasons.

Right after the eating session, we then moved on into the photo session. Our photo session lasted for hours. We had an informal photo session with the selfies and stuff and we also had a formal one just like this.

Next, we were just chilling out and enjoyed the rest of the meals. Ummi surely ate a lot that night. As we were enjoying our meals, Sahlan did a brief yet meaningful introduction and speech. He was followed by Fitri who also gave a speech about the bukber and us as well. One thing we knew that night that we loved our togetherness and the next togetherness we surely hoped would be our together graduation this year *fingers-crossed*.

Out of nowhere, Inten suddenly showed up ready with something she made for us. It was a short movie showing our photos. The photos were mostly taken during our respective teaching program. It was short yet nice. We then gathered around and took some more selfies. Then, around 8 p.m., we got ready to go home.

Some of us went home while some us (me included) went to kosan. As planned, I and Dila and other bitches (yes, get used to that special call :p) went to the kosan by car. We then headed home around 8. 30 p.m. The journey back home was nice – we were just chilling out in the car and talking and laughing. The driver was patient enough with super chatty girls like us. It took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to finally reach Ciputat.

Among many absurd things we talked in the car, kebab was the one that captured our focus most. Yeah, we promised ourselves to buy kebab when we arrived. Sadly though, there was no kebab seller around campus that night. We waited there for a few more minutes making sure Mbake was waiting for her father safely. Once Mbake left, we then headed to Mc Donalds to have some burgers. Crazy, I know. It was Akira’s idea actually. Burgers for the replacement of kebab, why the heck not?

We had Inten join us and off we went. We ordered burgers, french fries, and iced teas. We ate them all in the smoking room because Inten got her pack of cigarettes ready. It was obviously my first time enjoying late night supper outside like that. We then talked almost about anything. We talked about our bitchy friends, our love lives, our relationships. We surely enjoyed our time together that we forgot that it was already 2 p.m. in the morning. What? we called out the night then feeling recharged with the good food and talk. We walked back home awkwardly happy.

As we arrived at the kosan, we changed our clothes and unwrapped the food Sasya gave us for sahoor. It was around 3 p.m. when we finally laid our bodies on bed. We did not sleep, we were just there laying and talking. We had our sahoor around 3.30 p.m. and then performed the Subh prayer together. It was literally the first time we could do the solat berjamaah like that. Yes, we were not really religious but still, we tried our best. We then had this awkward video call with Sasya with us still wearing mukena.

And after that video call, we could finally sleep. We arranged our sleep spaces and soon enough we fell asleep. It was my first sleepover at the kosan. I could finally sleep right next to Inten who opened her mouth very big (mangap). It was really funny.

We woke up around 10 a.m. or so. We had a good sleep obviously. Once we were awake, we still Ieyeh-leyeh on the bed and postponed taking a bath. Suddenly, we had this very big urge to check on Ummi’s phone and read her special chat. She fought us of course, but we ended up winning and reading that chat loudly. It was super entertaining. We did not anticipate that very sweet yet lame chat coming from our friend, Ummi. She was totally blushing when we read every sentence in that chat.

Done with the fun stuff, we took a bath and got ready to re-schedule our TOEFL Test. We then headed to the language center around 1. 30 p.m. and had our test rescheduled. We took some selfies outside the building and then headed home respectively.

So, that was the super fun reunion with my class. As we arrived home, we downloaded many photos taken during the bukber. They were all good. They surely captured good times we had that night.

Looking back, we did have many good memories together as a class. Now, as we are busy with our own theses, we really cherish our time together no matter how short it is. Our very hope now is that we can finish our theses well and graduate together this year.

Friendship is good, that is all I can say. Bye for now.


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