It’s Almost Over

It’s Almost Over

Oh, hi there, I am back! It has been ages since the last time I wrote here. Life has kept me busy for a while to the point that I just keep postponing things including writing. Anyway, these past two weeks have been crazy with the teaching reports at the school and hunting the important signatures. It has been bitter and sweet as well dealing with the last days at the school.

All and all, let me write you a recap of my teaching program these past few weeks. I and my partners in crime were all busy with our respective reports. We also got many exciting events together at the school like joining the so called senam gembira on Friday morning, celebrating Iki’s birthday with the students, giving our last touching presentations in our respective classes, and having our eyes teary with the students. The last moments were so good and sweet. I cannot believe that four months have gone pretty fast.

With the fun teachers after a morning exercise

The teaching program has kept us busy and stressed. We surely have a good time at the school with the students, fellow teachers, and all people at the school. We love our office that feels really homey. We love the school that becomes a great part of our academic journey. We love its friendly and welcoming environment. But, after the teaching program ends, we have this super headache due to the reports that we need to write. So, the burden doubles, huh? we are already tired at the school – with the teaching, monthly reports, students evaluation, etc. Now, we need to brace ourselves for writing the reports. It is both bitter and sweet. Bitter is to write the so many reports especially the research ones; sweet is knowing the fact that we are almost there, finishing our teaching program as well as our undergraduate education.

The highlight of this week or month was surely the official closing at the school. Yeah, the official closing of our teaching program or practice or as we call it PPKT. It was a really hectic day as we prepared the snacks for all teachers, attended the closing ceremony with our lecturer, and finally, took an appropriate picture together. It was really nice of Mrs. Yami to bring a plastic of pem-pek for us after the closing. We were really starving after the chaotic closing arrangement. Thankfully though, the closing went really well.

Our new family

Anyway, other highlights were when I came to Anggi’s house to give the snacks money and talk to her about the whole closing preparation and when Anggi and Iki come to my house to prepare our reports together. It was fun as we laughed a lot, got stressed together, had a lunch together, and formed an even stronger bond.

Looking back at our teaching practice for almost four months, there are many life lessons I get from this experience. They are all great, even the most hurting and frustrating ones. Even so, I still cannot make up my mind whether to be a really dedicated teacher one day or not. I mean, during the program, I have been telling my partners how exhausted I am and how depressed sometimes I am dealing with my noisy students. But, there are some days when I feel really grateful that I teach them, when they are really nice and cooperative, and when I read their impressions and hopes for me. Those nice moments get my eyes teary. Being a teacher, indeed, gives you the mixed feelings everyday.

As for my writing, I am pretty displaced nowadays as I keep postponing writing here. It feels like I do not have any strong reasons to write or maybe I am just simply too tired to write. Yeah, life exhausts me pretty easily nowadays. It also bores me easily or I am easily complaining now. Well, let me write about it in the next post.

So, that is all for now. I am still busy with the reports, but I am thankful that the PPKT is almost over. I will miss my students, of course, and I will be pretty jobless after this, but we will just see later. Bye!


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