On the Rooftop

On the Rooftop

Source: Google

I want to sit there, on the rooftop, looking at your worried face; I want to stare at those tired eyes and kiss them gently.
I want to hold your hands tight and never let them go; I want to hug you slow and show you that everything will be just fine.
I want to point to one star, the most shining one, and tell you to look at it for a while; I want to be the reason you forget your sadness tonight.
I want to see your face and forever remember its gorgeous lines; I want to capture your sad face and forever promise myself to never give you one in the future.
I want to grow young and old with you. I want to plant a tree and call it ‘us’.
I want you for a lifetime, and on this rooftop, I pray that you will want me that much too.
Now, baby, just rest your head on my shoulder. Sleep there. Be there. Stay there, for I will be forever your resting place.
Now, baby, on this rooftop, nothing will harm you, no one will make you cry, for I will be there, being your home. I love you.


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