Visiting Aunt Iyas and Grandma

Visiting Aunt Iyas and Grandma

Last Sunday was such a blast. It was really hard for me at first to drag myself out of the bed and take a morning shower. It was around 7 a.m. when my mother was already fussing around. Yes, we had a deal – we were gonna go visiting my sick aunt and grandma and my mother would give a 100 buck in return of my willingness to come. I know that was such a very bad of me, but it was a good deal to turn down.

We set off around 8. 30 a.m. It took us one hour to get to Aunt Iyas’s house in Peninggaran. We had been talking about visiting her for a while but only got that day to finally actualize it. So, I slept mostly during the bus ride. I obviously hated going outside on Sunday morning. All I wanted was to lay on my bed and sleep until noon. Anyway, we finally arrived at my aunt’s house and found her performing the dhuha prayer when we arrived. Yes, she was a very religious person.

It was so good to see my niece and nephew who were growing now. They were so cute and adorable. We had a little catch up and then moved to the very reason of why we came here. My aunt who was in the recovery stage after having her one breast removed told us the whole story of her surviving cancer. She was such a strong survivor. It was sad to see how thin and weak she was after the surgery.

She told me and my mother that everything started when she felt something painful on her breast. It was like she was hit or pinched over and over. She let it be that way for some time thinking that it might be just a common pain. The pain, however, kept coming and getting worse. She even felt like she was being electrocuted – that was how bad the pain was. She was scared and worried imagining the worst, but she did not have any nerve to get it checked. Until one day, she braved herself and went to see the doctor. She did not anticipate that it would be cancer. From that day on, my aunt’s life was just a series of doctor appointments and hospital visits. She told us how frequent she went back and forth to the hospital, how many hours she spent waiting for the doctor, how many tests she needed to undergo, and how much money she spent for the treatment. Well, it was misery. Not too mention the famous chemotherapy every cancer survivor must endure.

Listening to my aunt’s story reminded me of how precious our health was. She was wise and strong enough to cope with this gracefully saying that penyakit itu adalah ujian. She, moreover, said that we needed to be patient and give everything to Allah – for better, for worse. Yeah, she was a firm believer of that. She also added that the causes of most diseases was the food we consumed and the thoughts we had. So, we better enjoy and have our healthy life style now.

We spent a couple of more minutes playing with Abid and Hilyah, my two cuties. They were so fun to play with. It has been ages since the last time I saw them. I actually only saw my big family on special events like lebaran, and we would keep in touch only via WhatsApp group after that. So, seeing them was such a joy. Done with the first visit, we then headed to my grandma’s house around noon.

As we arrived, we were warmly greeted by my aunts and my little sister, Dina. I then did this cipika cipiki thing with my aunts and grandma and exchanged how are yous. It was good to see my grandma. She has been doing well and going strong even in her 70s. She was sick though and would have her body cut open again on Thursday. I did hope that my visit could add some spirit to her. The rest of the day was just an easy day at Grandma’s.

What I liked about being at my grandma’s was the strong wifi there. I could browse anything for hours, watch videos on Youtube for hours, and basically being a complete couch potato. My grandma’s house had these very nice facilities – every room was occupied with AC which made me sleep more than necessary; very comfortable beds; western channels where I could have a 24 hour access to English movies; very strong wifi connection; and pretty good access to good food. Everything was good there. I could just come every weekend if I wanted to and enjoy surfing the Internet all day long. My aunts were actually begging me to stay for the night, but I kept saying no because I somehow felt more comfortable at home. But, thinking about the wifi and other luxuries I could get, I might reconsider.

I then spent my time catching up with my aunts and Dina. We watched some videos together. We listened to Aunt Lea’s comments on the latest Raffi and Ayu Ting Ting’s gossips which were like a big issue for her. We also tried the famous makaroni ngehe together. It was like girls chilling out together. It was raining around 2 p.m. and my aunt decided to make us a bowl of instant noodle. A very typical food everyone was craving for in the raining day like that. We really enjoyed that simple pleasure.

It was around 4 p.m. when we went home. It was a quick visit but a good one. My grandma looked worried and nervous as the operation day approaching, but I surely would keep her in my prayers. Anyway, I also received pretty much money that day. The perks of having many aunts and a generous grandma, huh? so right in my case.

I am glad that this weekend went pretty well. It was two days dedicated to people I love. So, I am looking forward to having another great weekend soon. I am also glad that I am still having four free days ahead which one of them – today – was already wisely spent by writing my weekend stories here and also by reading some great writings on blogs. Typical perfect day for a nerd, huh?

Until next time!



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