Watching #AADC2

Watching #AADC2

AADC 2’s official movie poster (Source: Google)

This post will be dedicated to the current Indonesian movie that successfully captures people’s attention and (money). Yes, I am talking about the famous Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2. In case you have not seen it, please do so. I am recommending this movie for you who are self-proclaimed moviegoers. Okay, let me share about it more.

Ever since its first release, the movie has been being the most talked movie among people especially teenagers. It has successfully garnered 700. 000 viewers in its first week making it as a must-see-movie now. It is also a very strong competitor to a western movie called Civil War which is also a must-see-movie especially for guys. Every time you go to cinema, you will be seeing these two movies having the most viewers and causing the longest line. Well, they are that good.

Despite the euphoria of those two movies, I still do not have a solid reason to go. First, I am not a big fan of heroes like Captain America so I could not care less about it which means that Civil War is out of the list. Second, related to the aadc 2, I am honestly not too interested in watching Indonesian movies. I have this kind of disappointment towards Indonesian movies despite the strong campaign to support local movies. I have been being a moviegoer my whole life and spending my money on western movies more than Indonesian ones. Many of them are so good. But, local movies? nah, maybe next time.

So, I am not really interested in aadc first, but the curiosity just hits me right on the brain. I am kind of wondering what is good about this movie, what makes people willing to stand in a long line just to watch this movie, and what is the special thing about this movie that makes it different from some other lovey couple movies. I then think that I need to find out myself, I need to watch the movie to answer those questions in my head. Plus, I am also intrigued to watch the movie after reading this review

Thankfully, my girls, Shasa and Icha, also want to watch the movie. So, we went to cinema last Tuesday. We were right about it – the excitement was right there in front of my eyes. My girls event had to check two cinemas to get the tickets. We were so excited. Once the movie started, we were like going into a world of four best friends. It was still there – after watching the first movie years ago – I still could feel the strong bond among. It was genuine and I praised the girls for the job they did.

Long story short, like everyone had predicted, the movie was about how Cinta and Rangga resolving their unfinished love story. It had been years since the last time we saw that innocent kiss between two senior high school students at the airport. Back then, we knew that their story was like a sudden stop without a clear ending. So, years after that annoying moment, we finally could get the answer in aadc 2.

The movie uses the city of Jogjakarta as its main setting. Here, we see some exciting places in Jogjakarta that have not been really exposed before. I like the museum, the apparently ruined temples, the apparently giant duck statue deep in the forest, and more. I also like that the movie shows Brooklyn, New York, to depict how Rangga lives there. And the sexy part is, he is a writer! he still reads poetry and takes notes. He is still this mysterious and distant yet so intense and intimidating even after so many years.

Throughout the movie, we witness a very good chemistry between Cinta and Rangga. I am quite pleased with the sudden kiss Cinta gives to Rangga in one of the scenes. Besides the chemistry, this movie also offers us interesting and hilarious lines – here, Milly, shows a very good and humorous personality while Karmen and Maura show their caring and picky personalities respectively. Each cast works his or her best in this movie including the fun Mamet.

This movie brings a simple love story into the next level. Like the first one, this movie has its own characteristics such as the proper Bahasa Indonesia in its dialogs; poetry; strong friendship; and very nice sound tracks. It has the whole package! I download the songs right after I finished watching the movie.

So, that is all for this post. It has been definitely a while since the last time I watched Indonesian movies, so watching aadc 2 will be my first start to go back and appreciate the local movies. We will see.


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