First Writing Published

First Writing Published

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You might notice how passionate I am about writing – that huge passion is actually the reason why I started writing here in the first place. I am also proud and confident enough to call myself a writer although I have not have anything published yet. I just simply believe that a writer is someone who writes, so as long as I write, I am allowed to call myself a writer.

Even so, it will be absolutely nice to see your work getting published somewhere. That is the best accomplishment any writers can hope for. For me myself, I do hope that one day I can see my books in the shelves at a bookstore. I do hope that I can finally give birth to something I proudly call “my book”. It will be a joyful moment for any writers – seeing their books neatly displayed in book shelves.

Anyway, if publishing and giving birth to a book still seems to be a distant dream, I have thankfully started writing and sending my piece to a community writers of a local English newspaper. It was such a sudden decision without any big expectations. I learn long enough not to expect, to just let things work by themselves. The result was unexpected though, something that I will be forever grateful for.

Everything started when I was reading the newspaper. It was the English newspaper that I have been reading my whole life. It was and still is one of my favorite reading materials. Long story short, I decided to read the newspaper again and I was quite surprised to see its new mobile appearance. It was way cooler than the old version although I had a hard time adjusting. What surprised me more was the new column or section called community writers in that website. I soon learned that it was a column dedicated to writers who would like to share their piece. Anyone who has appropriate writing skills may submit their work. The writing topics, moreover, are ranging from entertainment, sport, beauty, lifestyle, to science and more. Here is what the website says,

Interested to write for We are looking for information and opinions from experts in a variety of fields or others with appropriate writing skills. The content must be original on the following topics: lifestyle ( beauty, fashion, food ), entertainment, science & technology, health, parenting, social media, and sports. Send your piece to

I was ecstatic and thankful knowing that I had a chance to send my piece to the newspaper I spent my spare time reading. The next thing I knew was noting the email address and prepared a piece that was worth submitting. I did not know what to write, I was also not really confident about my writing. I did not expect much that time, but I was so happy that the newspaper created that kind of community. I did hope that more people would be inspired to write because of it.

I put the thought – sending my piece – aside and did my regular activities. I wrote things as usual. One day, I wrote about my own experience in dealing with failure. I wrote it at school during my spare time. My only purpose at that time was to express what I felt, to really get the usual therapy I had – writing. The failure itself was a bitter experience for me personally, it was something that almost everyone could relate to. I then started writing one sentence after another, one paragraph after another, until it finished here on my blog. I was satisfied with the end result. Looking at my piece and reading it over and over again made me so happy that I considered it to be the piece that I would send to the news. I then edited and proofread it once again before I sent it to the available email.

Days passed, I rarely checked my email until one day, not long ago, I decided to. The next thing I saw was a new email in my inbox. I did not expect to receive a reply but I did. It was as simple as asking for my picture and short bio before finally submitting my piece. That email made my day obviously. I was positive that my piece would be published. But, I received no replies of confirmation in the next few days. Once again, I told myself it was okay, I did not expect much.

But, on Thursday afternoon, out of curiosity, I tried to access the website and was totally speechless when I saw my name there, in the community writers section. I was so happy. My writing was finally there on the newspaper I have been reading my whole life. So, it turned out that the team published my piece on Wednesday, the day I replied the email and gave my bio. It was fast, without any more confirmation replies or stuff. I was like in heaven looking at my own picture, name, and writing, there, along with other pieces. I was finally able to submit my work to the local English newspaper in town and get it published. I now have one article there, I now am a part of the community, I now have a piece that everyone can read, I now can promote my campus there as written in my bio. You can read my piece here

The piece was edited and changed a bit. The title and the picture were changed, but the content mostly remained the same. I was so happy that the first thing I could think of was to tell my friends and spread the news (literally). I also told and showed my parents. Both of them looked so proud commenting that I could be a good writer in the future if I was determined to. My friends were awesome – appreciating my work with their sincere comments. Reading their comments made my day brighter. Here is a thank you. It also happened on April 28th which was celebrated as the National Poetry Day. I could not be happier than getting my first writing published on the poetry day. I would be forever falling in love with words because of this.

Deep down I knew that it was only a beginning and a small thing compared to other better pieces on the website. But, success, no matter how small, was worth celebrated for, right? that was what I did. I was proud of myself. This was like a momentum and reminder of how much I loved writing and possibly would make myself a writer in the future. This also could be a starting and life-changing point in my writing career.

Source: Google

So, that is all for now. I may write some more pieces in the future and hopefully all of them can be published again. Wish me luck! and before I end this post, I want to say that being able to do our passions is one of the greatest blessings. For me, that will be writing and having my work published. What about you?



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