How to be a Wiser Spender and not a Compulsive One

How to be a Wiser Spender and not a Compulsive One

A pretty long title, huh? well, I am gonna dedicate this post to the women who claim themselves a shopaholic. Just like yours truly here.

Compulsive itself according to Wikipedia is, “compulsive behavior is defined as performing an act persistently and repetitively without it necessarily leading to an actual reward or pleasure.” Here, as we can see, there is a word repetitively and without leading to an actual reward or pleasure – which simply means that we do something over and over again with no apparent reward or pleasure. I think this word carries more of a negative meaning rather than a positive one.

In this writing, I will specifically talk about being compulsive in shopping as women tend to fall into this category. Shopping itself is a common word any women has heard millions times before. I am here not stereotyping women or bringing the gender issue, but it is indeed that shopping is a favorite word or activity for women.

I may know what you are thinking right now – me being a shopaholic who loves buying bags and shoes. But, it is entirely not. I am quite different from other women in terms of my shopping addiction. I am addicted to books. That is it, quite obvious.

If other women are crazy for the latest trend of bags or clothes or even accessories. I cannot care less about any of those. I will be so crazy for the latest books by Rainbow Rowell or the best-seller novels displayed at a book store. Yes, I am that nerdy. Anyway, although my shopping addiction is not really common among women, I still have the compulsive behavior towards it because when it comes to buying books, I can forget my saving entirely and just compulsively take the books I want to the cashier. It will leave me with a happy heart and a very thin wallet.

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