Current Crush and My Forever Love for Intelligence

Current Crush and My Forever Love for Intelligence

I am going to write about dr. Spencer Reid from the show Criminal Minds on Fox, yeah! In case you do not know, he is one of the FBI leading investigators and detectives in the show. I still remember the first time I watch the show and I have this kind of love at the first sight with dr. Reid.

Among other detectives, dr. Reid seems to be the youngest. He has his own way of working and figuring things out. Matthew Gray who portrays Reid is absolutely amazing at his job. Reid is portrayed as a brilliant, charming, and nerdy detective. I fall in love with the way he says and sees things. He seems so knowledgeable. He looks like a calm type of guy but he can be heroic at the same times.

I love seeing him explaining things to his colleagues. I love seeing him arresting the bad guy. I love how mysterious he is and how professional he is at work. He is totally my current crush.

Speaking of Reid, I think that is obvious enough of how or why I can be so into him. The only reason is because of his intelligence. The brilliant portrait he portrays successfully captures my attention. I fall in love.

I love to see how mysterious and vulnerable he is and how serious he is in handling his job. Not to mention his nerdy explanation about a case. God, he is sexy.


Looking at this euphoria of falling in love with a fictional character, I then remember how I can be so in love with people with intelligence. I can be just so impressed with knowlegde, with passion a person has. I instantly find someone sexy when he/she is talking about things they really know about.

Yeah, I have always loved that kind of guy, a nerdy one. I find intelligence attractive – and men who realize that, well then they are clearly attractive. I think intelligence is what amazes me and captures my attention.

And to avoid any misunderstanding, I do not limit the intelligence here to those people with the A mark on their test or those who always carry books around. Intelligence here also means people who know things, any things they are passionate about, things that might surprise me and teach me. I love that kind of people.

I love guys (specifically) who put their education first, who learn, who are educated. Guys who know things and talk things are sexier than the ones who only take non sense and flirting around.

Looking back to my past, my crushes since high school have been under the same category which is smart guys, or at least diligent guys. Guys with their lives all figured out. Guys who know responsibilitis. Guys who know what they are doing and know where they are heading. Yes, I have always attracted to that.

I also always find intelligent guys adorable. I love geeks and bookworms. Those people who are so comfortable being themselves and who are so happy talking about their passions. Their energy amazes me and sparks the love in me (ok this line is lame, but I’ll keep it).

So, for now, Reid will be my perfect type of guy. The one I do not mind dating, and I guess now my gallery will be just full of his pictures. Yes, I am kinda obsessed.


I guess that is all for this random post. I guess it is always fun to talk about our celebrity crushes or something like that. I myself seldom have one, but once I have, I can bother you with tons of his pictures. So, this post might be considered as a start.


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