Dealing with Failure

Dealing with Failure

This week was not easy for me. I got reprimanded by someone with great power about my work. Well, this never happened before anywhere as long as I could remember as I always tried to do my best. But, failure was inevitable in the road of success. Failure was a part of it, a great part even.

Having that failure certainly turned my good day into a bad one. I was so disappointed of myself and angry and at the same time, tired. I wish I could turn back time and start over, but it was impossible, of course.

Dealing with failure is not an easy thing to do. I myself have a hard time getting my confidence back. But, we can always try to be better and we always have choices in dealing with the failure. Let me tell you how.

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1. Admit that you are wrong

Throw all of your ego into the trash can and swallow your pride. It is good to humbly admit that you are wrong and failed. I know it is bitter, but it is the very basic step in dealing with failure. Admitting that you are wrong is much easier to do than arguing or defending yourself for the wrongdoings that happens. No matter how right you are, you cannot justify the fact that there is a failure there, and the fact that you are responsible for that.

2. Sincerely apologize

Well, many people are so full of ego and pride that it is hard for them to apologize. Apologizing, especially, for our own faults, is a thing that only mature and wise people do. So, have a quick check on yourself, if you still have a hard time apologizing, then maybe you are still a baby.Apologizing is vital in dealing with failure. You know you have failed and disappointed someone, so apologizing will help you restore the broken relationship. Once again, throw your ego and pride into the trash can, so you can apologize sincerely. I mean, apologizing will be useless if you are still holding grudge and hatred.

3. Forgive yourself

The next step is forgiving yourself. I know it is hard to forgive yourself especially when you know that you have failed. Forgiving yourself can be a huge help in order to move forward to betterment. I know it can take some times, but it will be easier over time. When I got the reprimand, I was like traumatized by that and could not move on. I keep blaming myself  and telling myself that I am a failure, that I have failed big time. This can be negative for me and I know this, but still, I just cannot move forward yet. But, at the end, I can forgive myself knowing that I am still learning and that I can always improve my work along the way.

4. Talk to your friend

For me personally, talking with friends helps me a lot in dealing with almost anything. Sometimes the pain is so much and bearable that I can cry for hours. In this kind of time, I really need someone to talk to, basically anyone who can listen. Talking with friend will lift all the pain I have and leave me with the inner peace I cannot describe. Talking with friend, also, gives me the solution I just need. Many times I find my friends really helpful and wise in seeing things. They provide me with the perspectives that I often overlook.

5. Learn from your mistake

A reprimand will be useless if you do not learn from it. It should act as your tool to improve, to do better in the future. Then, learning from it or from the mistake that we have made, is crucial. Mistakes are the things that we should not repeated in the future, so let us simply take them as a reminder. Making mistakes is normal and acceptable as it is a part of learning. But, not learning from them is unacceptable. So, learning from mistakes is a must if you want to grow.

6. Embrace the failure

Embracing failure is hard, but this is the step that you need to take in order to be fully free. Embracing failure simply means that you are finally OK with it and you now understand that everyone also has it. Embracing failure also means that you are finally in peace with yourself, you do not blame yourself for that, and you forgive yourself.

7. Move on and do better

So, this is the last step, ladies and gentlemen. After all of those steps, moving on is the ultimate step in dealing with failure. We should not let the failure take over our life and mess with our present glory. We should leave the failure behind and do better for the next. Moving on and doing better are the two things we should do for our own sake, for happier and more peaceful us. Finally, promising ourselves to be and do better is a wise thing to consider, and hopefully no failures ever happen again in the future.

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Well, I think that is all. I hope this post will be useful for you guys, and if you are wondering, I do experience failures myself and I do those things in dealing with them. So, I am quite qualified to write about failures as I am writing from experience.

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My last say is that we should embrace and befriend with failures as they will bring us the lessons we need. Good luck!


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