Sweet Treat and What Happened These Weeks

Sweet Treat and What Happened These Weeks

I miss writing here. I miss the sound of my fingers dancing on the key board. I miss reading my own writing here. So, I will start writing again, and I promise you I will try to write often.

These past few weeks have been quite hectic for me as I dealt with my research agenda. These past few weeks have been spent by coming to the campus to see my adviser and talk about my research. I must say that these weeks were pretty productive. I lived my life mostly to teach, teach, and teach. My one and only priority now is my students. I am dedicating my life (even my weekend) to design the lesson plans; prepare the teaching stuff; and complete the delayed assignments.

I must say that I have been enjoying my life so far – even with the hectic days and some chaos. I must say that my routine, no matter how crazy it can get, successfully keeps me sane and productive. You know, always looking at the bright side of life, I enjoy my life as it is now as I will go nuts with no routines or no activities to do on a daily basis.

Anyway, done with the teaching and researching stuff, this week I also got a chance to have a sweet treat with my girls. So, last Friday I caught up with Icha and Shasa at our usual mall. We had promised earlier to hang out and check out this new restaurant called Shirokuma. It was known for its delicious ice creams and desserts. As far as our hectic schedule concerned, we finally met at the mall around 4 p.m. and it was always nice seeing them.

We got our seats outside as the restaurant was pretty full inside. We soon ordered and I got myself a waffle and ice cream. Icha got similar to mine but with purple ice cream while Shasa had a cup of heaven — green tea ice cream. I liked the ice cream but had a very hard time slicing the waffle. As a good friend that she was, Shasa offered me some help. She helped me slicing the waffle to the very small and edible pieces. As our other usual catch ups, we spent it by chatting over things and enjoying our desserts. Our topics now were about men and marriage – we were so old to talk over those things. It was fun to see how hard for Icha to eat her waffle too, just like I did. At the end of the day, I foolishly called the waffle cakwe because it felt the same in my mouth. I know I was pretty suck with the food eating manner stuff, Shasa needed to teach me on this obviously. They also had a good time teasing me – saying that how could I live in the US if not capable of slicing and eating waffle properly like that.

The Ice Cream and Waffle (Source: Google)

We only spent about two hours but it was enough to catch up with them. Having seen them this week made me realize how much I missed my friends on campus, my crazy girls. We are really caught up with our tight schedule at our respective schools. I just hope that we can manage to see each other somehow someday and share the crazy things we used to have.

Anyway, my weekend also went pretty good this week. Saturday was totally spent by being a couch potato at home – watching TV; eating; sleeping — repeat. Sunday was different though. I was determined enough to go outside and have some real weekend. That Sunday, my parents went to my grandma’s house to attend a family wedding. Me, being the childish grown up woman that I was, decided not to join them. I was planning to stay at home and I actually did it until 12 p.m. I then changed my mind all of a sudden, took a very special bath, and dressed quite well. I went to the usual mall and just basically enjoyed my own company. I first went to the clothing booths and checked out some good stuff there. As usual though, I was poor enough to buy things there. All I did was doing the window-shopping thing. I liked the bags and the shoes though, typical women stuff.

Trying to avoid the shopping temptation, I then went to the food court and ordered my favorite snack. The next few minutes were all about me eating my snack all by myself. Finished with the snack, I went to the book store and checked some magazines. I was actually attracted to the adult coloring book thing and wanted to buy one. But, being the wise spender that I was, I moved away thinking that the coloring book was not really necessary. So, that was how my day went. I did check out some stuff at a different mall nearby and still bought nothing.

At night, I had a great talk with my senior high school friend, Kartika. She came to my house to do her task actually, but we ended up talking about our love lives and our senior high school stories. It was always fun talking to her. We both instantly missed our friends and had the urge to turn back time and had our senior moments all over again.

Having that kind of weekend really made me want more. On my way home, I promised myself to continue my #weekendmuseum again next week. I made this plea on making my weekends wonderful which meant no more just-stay-at-home activity.

So, that is all for this post. Please wish me luck for my teaching practice, research, and the reports writing kinda thing. May the Force be with us, always.



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