Visiting a Park with Iki

Visiting a Park with Iki

Parks are everywhere in the US or UK (based on what I read on the Internet and books), but they are pretty rare here in Indonesia. Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is such a big polluted city whose residents have a long for relaxing time at a park. So, having a chance to visit a park in Jagakarsa neighborhood was something worth writing about.

It was Monday or Tuesday I am not really sure (and I am too young to be forgetful, right?) when I and my friend, Iki, visited a park together in one cloudy afternoon. I know that that would be so much better if I visited the park with a man whom I could call as my boyfriend, but still, I am thankful enough that I could come with Iki.

It was located not too far from the school at where I and Iki had been teaching for two months now. We only needed to ride one angkot and had a five-minute walk. The park was opened for public but it was empty and quiet when we arrived. It was perhaps because of the cloudy weather that afternoon. The drizzle just actually stopped when we arrived. It was like all for us, we owned the park.

We had Iki’s phone ready at all times for the selfies. We took a relaxing stroll around the park; stopped to take one or two selfies; then continued exploring the park. As Iki said, we needed that simple yet refreshing walk at the park. We had been so stressed out with the teaching and the teaching practice reports that we needed to submit every month. Iki, especially, needed more relaxing times than I did as she looked intense and tired every day. Getting loose for a while was good for us, and visiting the park was a good start.

Taking a selfie with the pool as the background

A selfie attempting to capture the park surrounding
It is me who holds the hand phone and takes pictures most of the time, but this one is captured by Iki

Just like any other parks, the park was quite big with a pair of swings; long benches; penguin statues; and its small bridges. I honestly wanted to try the swings but lost the chance to a little kid who could enjoy the swings all for himself.

There was also a couple (of course) who took a quite romantic stroll there at the park while sometimes taking some pictures together. It was like me and Iki minus the romantic stroll though. Thankfully, the people who coming were mostly young mothers with their kids. It seemed like a nice park and I could picture how nicer it would be in the morning or in a brighter afternoon.

The park (Source: Google)

Despite the cloudy weather, we enjoyed the park and the fun times we had there. We also got many great photos and not to forget the refreshed minds. Iki and I had a good time although it was only for several minutes. We went back home around 5 p.m.

Having visited the park, we bragged it a little bit too much that our dear friend, Anggi, would like to come too. We then set for another visit in the near future and this time with the complete formation – the three of us. Just imagine how many more selfies can us three get? will be lots of them and lots of fun too. You know the more the merrier thing?

I do hope that my dear city, Jakarta, can have more parks like that. It will be refreshing enough to just walk around, talk, and take selfies, with zero things to worry about. Yes, Jakartans need more of it.


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