How This Week Went

How This Week Went

It is weekend again! As you can predict, this post will still be about my teaching practice known as PPKT. As someone who proudly calls herself a writer, I try to write every single week and has been devoting my weekend to write. So, here I am writing my weekly post that is not too far from teaching stuff and else. Let us get to it.

After enjoying an easy week before, this week was hectic again. Monday was the worst. Many teachers were having their own jobs on examining the ninth students practice exams which left many classes empty. I and Iki as the practitioners that we were, we must be ready for any tasks we were assigned for. We were so busy then – being the guru piket; checking the classes; teaching; making sure the students were well-behaved; making sure they did their assignments; and so on.

It was really exhausting, moving from the second floor to the third floor repeatedly. Plus, there were many empty classes to watch since the teachers suddenly did not teach that day, for no apparent reasons. In that kind of situation, our creativity and patience were tested not to mention our ability to multi task. We needed to think and act fast. Many teachers relied on us and we were in charged for many things. I was thankful that Iki was a pretty helpful person and good to work with. Everything was manageable that day, thankfully.

Tuesday was pretty much the same. I missed my students in 7.4. It felt more obvious now that I started to have a special connection with them. I loved coming to the class and interacting with the students no matter how noisy and challenging they could be. So, it was kinda fun to teach them again after having a week break. That Tuesday, I taught them about greeting card and had them make one. That day I and Anggi were also busier than usual because we had to teach two classes. Anyway, the lunches were great for Tuesday and also Monday because we got treated again by two birthday teachers whom we were dearly close to.

Wednesday was spent with me coming to campus to do some errands. Yes, I came around 11.00 a.m. to make my counseling paper. It took longer than expected, making a letter was harder than I thought. Luckily, I met Dede from the C class who happened to be my partner in skripsi consultation. That day, he also wanted to get the counseling paper and counseling books ready. He was so kind (I know my friends will tease me if they know this) and helpful. We basically helped each other that day. We, after all, had the same goal in mind – graduating as fast as possible.

It was a funny day though. I came to my lecturer’s office to have my paper signed and yet had it revised instead. It was suck yet funny at the same time. I was lucky enough to have Dede wait and help me dealing with the revision. I re-made the paper and re-handed it to my lecturer who happened to have his lunch when I came. For his precious signature, I did not mind being ordered to prepare a so-called kobokan for him. Yes, that was awkwardly funny. Done with the signature, I rushed to the second floor where Dede was sitting. We then went to the academic staff room and got ourselves the counseling books. And by that, I sadly tell you that I am officially on a skripsi writing mode.

Done with the counseling stuff, I and Dede went into our separate directions. I must say that it was good spending time with him. He was such a man. Anyway, my Wednesday continued with me teaching in Pondok Labu. It was fine. I finished teaching around 6. 30 p.m. and It was such a tiring day.

Thursday was spent with me being the guru piket. This week though I had more tasks to do. There were still many empty classes to watch and many teachers needed to temporarily substitute. Anyway, this Thursday was such a bonus with us not teaching the BTQ. Yes, we got more free time. I could also submit the task that Mr. Hamzah assigned me earlier that day. Yes, after a very tiring and confusing couple of days, I could finally finish it. Thanks to Iki who also helped me along the way.

Friday. Yes Friday. It was spent with me having an easy and relaxing class in 7.4. I promised them earlier that I would give them a free class after their exam. So, right after the break, I got everything ready at the multimedia room. Then, my students came, looking more excited for movies. I played them a movie called Big Hero 6. It was a very good choice because they were all thrilled. We had a good time. We watched the movie laughing out loud. Yes, some scenes were indeed very hilarious.

Enjoying the movie

It went fast. The class ended around 11. 10 a.m. After the class, I and other fellow practitioners were busy typing and preparing our monthly teaching reports. It was fun in the saddest way. It was funny to see Iki and Anggi had to re-print their reports because they were some mistakes in them. It was also funny how messy our desks were with the papers and other stuff. At the end, it was all worth it. We could finish the reports and would make other ones at homes and then submit them to our supervisors on Monday. Yes, cheers to my solid team!

So, that is all for this week. The hectic week will be apparently continued to the next, so I surely need to buckle up and embrace the heat. This weekend, furthermore, is nicely spent with my parents that I will write about it more specifically in the next post. Bye!


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