An Easy Week and a New Novel

An Easy Week and a New Novel

This week was such a treat for me and other fellow practitioners at the school. This week was the mid-term week which meant that I did not have classes to teach and yet still came to the school every-single-day because it was simply an obligation.

Monday left me clueless as I came to the school as usual but with no job specifications in mind. Predictably, I and Iki did not have anything major to do. Thankfully though, we could enjoy the school wifi and watch videos on YouTube all day long. That day, we also went to campus to have our first PPKT consultation with our adviser, Mr. Dadan. Well, I and Iki had this kind of convoy by using gojek. We then met Anggi and other friends on campus and soon talked with our adviser. To be honest, I was completely dizzy right after I had the consultation. I just realized how tough the PPKT was with the many reports that we must submit at the end of the practice and also the research that was soon needed to conduct. Not to mention the demanding yet good attitude my adviser had towards us. I was stressed out.

I guess my friends felt the same way too that day. It was like we would not have any free days left. Anyway, it was such a pure coincidence that I saw Ummi in the bus on my way home. We ended up chatting in the bus about the funny things we had during our PPKT. It was just like the old times – going home around 6 p.m. together with her.

Tuesday to Friday was spent basically the same with us coming to school early in the morning and doing nothing at the office. The only thing that made us happy was the wifi. We were lucky enough though to get some snacks in the morning just like other teachers and also free lunch for a week. Yes, I could save enough money this week.

Tuesday afternoon was a bit different this week because I had to teach at BSM, a course place built by one of the school teachers. It was in the school neighborhood. I was nervous at first but soon enjoyed teaching there very much. Not only that the students were nice, but also the hour and the responsibility were not too weighing me down. I absolutely did not mind teaching there again in the future.

Wednesday this week was highly anticipated with the rare event called solar eclipse. I personally woke up earlier to be a sky watcher. Unluckily, I saw nothing on the sky. My neighborhood certainly was not the good spot to witness the eclipse. Here is a picture I find on the Internet, super amazing, I wish I could see it myself.

The Solar Eclipse (Source: Google)

As a girl (or woman) who has a very curious mind, I did this kind of reading regarding the special event. Early in the morning, after I washed my face, I browsed about in on the Internet and read some articles. I also watched news and videos on YouTube to really get what this solar eclipse was about. I then wondered would it be exciting if I ever thought of becoming an astronomer or those who worked in astronomy fields. I could also be a scientist whose focus was in stars and planets, it sounded cool.

To my disappointment, however, I could not see anything different or special from my home. It was around 7. 30 a.m. when I was having my breakfast and still hoping that I could get a glimpse of the eclipse. But, nothing happened, I then turned on the TV and watched it from there instead. At that particular moment, I did wish I lived somewhere in Sulawesi or Papua so I could see the eclipse.

Thursday was still the same. I enjoyed my bonding time with Iki and Anggi. We were jobless this week yet we always had something to watch on YouTube. I myself watched some videos from my favorite beauty blogger; Anggi watched the funny shows titled Mind Your Language which I introduced her to, and she became addicted to it (more than me); and Iki, being the weirdest of all, watched Indian and Korean dramas instead. So, this was basically what we did in this week – watching videos until the school bell rang.

Thursday afternoon was different with me going home from school earlier because I had to go to campus to see my adviser. I went to her office and asked for her signature. It was done so fast yet it took me 30 minutes to get there. There, I met my friend Seha and Akira. It was always fun to bump into friends especially nowadays that we went into our separate lives.

Friday was not an exception. The funny thing was I woke up late and ended up coming late to school. It was very unpredictable and unlikely of me. But yeah, it was kinda funny to wake up late forgetting that it was still a weekday and I had to go to school. I was sure that I was already in the weekend mode that morning. To my bad luck, when I greeted my supervisor at school, he gave me this task that was out of my expertise. Being a practitioner I was, I could not turn it down, I then accepted it with a big heart. Thankfully, I had a very helpful co-worker like Iki. She helped me a lot doing this task.

Also this week I bought another novel by Ika Natassa called Underground. It was just a sudden plan because I actually did not bring much money that day. All I knew was that I had to buy this new novel asap. Being a risk taker that I was, I then went to my regular book store and grabbed one which left me broke. The novel itself was Rp. 135. 000. It was written in English (that was why I bought it in the first place) and the story seemed light yet interesting. Plus, it was written by Ika, my favorite author. I had no doubts about this novel. I am actually currently reading it now and I am already on the page 219. Yeah, hail to all bookworms out there. Anyway, this novel is pretty thick with 400 pages or so, but I surely will finish it in a few days (no bragging intended).

Current addiction (Source: Google)

So, that is all for this week. I must say that this week has been fun and relaxing. As for the weekend, I totally devote it to watching TV and reading the novel. Yes, being an adult now, I realize how luxurious it is to just stay at home and do nothing. Well, let us see what the following week brings for us. Cheers!


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