PPKT Update – the First Month

PPKT Update – the First Month

Hello, it is me again, this post will be specifically about the first month of my teaching practice popularly known as PPKT. Check this out.

The Practitioners

Time surely passes which means that I begin enjoying and embracing my new life as a teacher practitioner. It has been a month now, and I am totally thankful that there are now three months to go. Being a practitioner is bitter and sweet at the same time. But, as someone who is always looking at the bright side of life, I will just focus on the sweet parts and will share them here, with you.

Everything started since I decided to follow Iki and Anggi’s path and chose the school, SMPN 166. I did not think about this at first, it was not even on my list. But, Allah leads me here and I am thankful for that. Long story short, I along with the aforementioned partners, met our teaching counselors; officially introduced ourselves to all teachers; familiarized ourselves with the school facilities; and got ourselves new friends.

Well, I will specifically write some teachers that we are so close to during our practice here. The list can be started by:

  1. Mrs. Mufi

Well, she is one of the BK teachers at school. We first met her in our current office now, ruang BK. She is so nice, funny, outspoken, and motherly. I must say that all BK teachers at this school are all kind to us, thankfully. We feel connected already, we are officially friends now. Mrs. Mufi likes to bring some food and share it with us at the office. She also likes to share jokes and some personal stories that we find funny yet sometimes inspiring. Even so, she can be super firm when it comes to counseling students.

2. Mrs. Yami

Having quite similar personalities to Mrs. Mufi, Mrs. Yami is also a very nice person. She likes to share stories too, especially about her daughters. Iki, even, finds the stories inspiring and she becomes a little bit baper because of it. Mrs. Yami, differs from Mrs. Mufi, is not really loud nor outspoken, she speaks softly like a mother should be. It is nice to befriend with her too.

3. Mrs. Muji

The last woman teacher of BK is Mrs. Muji. Still, she is also nice and kind. She loves to share stories too particularly the ones about her naughty students who need counseling so much. It is nice to see how she handles her naughty students with such grace – firm and friendly at the same time.

4. Mr. Karta

He is the only man teacher at our office. Mr. Karta, actually, was our tour guide and the very first teacher with whom we befriended. I still remember the treat he gave us on our early days visit. Like the three teachers above, he is also kind. He has this friendly and easy-to-approach style that we surely like. He rarely stays at the office though maybe because he is not very comfortable in women kind of situation.

So, those are the four teachers with whom we frequently chat and hang out. And the two other teachers that also need to be in the list are Mr. Hamzah and Mr. Memed. These two are our so called gumong or our guides during our stay here. The former is a man in his fifties who is kind and funny. He greets us warmly every morning and guides us well for this past month. The latter is our guide in English teaching. He is the one who will assess our teaching performance along with our lecturer, Mr. Dadan.

Anyway, in general, I can say that almost all teachers here are kind and welcoming. The students, the seventh grader especially, are also nice to us. We, pretty much, have a nice practice environment. Three remaining months will be smooth, hopefully. We also start to know and be familiar with all teachers although we do not really get in touch. All and all, I can say that we (the practitioners and the teachers) are on the same line.

Moving on to other friends I make here who are the ones coming from LIPIA. So, there are five university students like us coming to school every Thursday. Together, we teach the weekly BTQ program. It is nice to have them at school as we can share new things to each other. We also have new colleagues, right?. One of them even nicely invites us to come to their campus, and I personally would love to. Every Thursday, then, our office will be more crowded because of them. Even so, we are pleased, the more the merrier, right?

Done with the friends I make here, let us move to the canteen or the food part. Well, I must say that food is not the best thing here. The canteen has some menus that I like, but it is kinda boring to eat the same food over and over. So, we have tried some variations starting from having nasi padang, bakso, and warteg. Yes, having variety and nice food becomes an issue here, and we gotta deal with it for these remaining months.

Moreover, practicing teaching will not be complete without assessing students’ works. So, that is exactly what I do in my spare time. Besides doing the assessment, I also browse the necessary teaching materials on the Internet. All and all, I do what a typical teacher will do. For now, I have pretty much of spare time that I boringly spend. I will typically write on my blog or chat with my peers when I am in that kind of situation. This is what I am currently doing now, spending my spare time, writing this post on my blog.

Doing the duty – assessing students’ works

I also do kind of administrative work at the staff office where I fill the score table of students. It is tiring but fun at the same time especially when you do it with your friend. Here are two pictures of me, taken by Iki.

The so-candid me

Concluding my post, I will say that this past month has been a blast for me personally. I am thankful that I teach pretty nice students who start adoring me; I have two very cooperative and fun partners; and the welcoming and warm fellow teachers. There are times, of course, when I feel bored and tired. It feels like I want to change career from teaching to something else, and I just want to stop doing the ppkt. There are also times when we do not have things to do yet we need to stay at school until 3 p.m. every-single-day. That can be suck, you know, but you do not have any other options.

I am thankful that this past month has been fun, I now become a part of the school and I consider the school as my second home (after my #EED12A of course). I hope that the remaining three months will be great and fun, and I can pass this teaching practice program with flying colors *fingers-crossed*

So, that is all for the very first update this first month, I will surely do the second and following months updates later. Ms. Mila is signing off now, cheers!


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