Sunday well-spent with My Girls

Sunday well-spent with My Girls

Happiness, for me now, is enjoying my weekend. Weekend is something that I really treasure now. This weekend, I spent it with my girls, Shasa and Icha, by going to our regular mall. Here is the complete story.

So True (Source: Google)

Saturday was spent by staying at home with my mom and dad. I actually had an event to attend but did not have enough motivation to really go. I ended up staying at home all day long. Sunday was different though, luckily. I finally got to see my girls after a while not.

As planned, I met Shasa and Icha at our regular mall. We met around 3 p.m. at the cinema and went straight into the studio. We decided to watch a horror movie called The Other Side of the Door. I knew the movie from Shasa and we decided to watch it.

It was funny enough when we got our seats in the front row. It was uncomfortable, really, but we did not have other options, so yes. The movie was quite good and creepy. The main actress was so beautiful that I fell in love. The story itself was pretty simple – what was unique was the setting, India.

The Movie Poster (Source: Google)

I really had a great catch up with my ladies. We always loved seeing each other again after a while. I and Icha were such cowards during the show – we kept covering our faces especially when the creepy scenes showed up. It was funny though, not to mention Shasa’s honest expression when she looked at us.

Right after the movie, we satisfied our hunger by having a super late lunch at Nanny’s Pavilion. We actually had a hard time deciding between Nanny’s or Marugame Udon. We chose Nanny’s at the end, satisfying our craving for good pasta. We then entered the restaurant and ordered. We all had such delicious meals forgetting how expensive they were. We also had our usual chat over food, talking (primarily) about future loves and relationships. Yes, there we were, three single ladies. Icha was so silly here, she kept singing and shaking her body, following the tune. I and Shasa watched her in disgust, we could not help but laughing though. She certainly had fun.

New Fave (Source: Google)

I enjoyed my pasta so so much. I also loved how I and my ladies catch up with our own different lives. It was good, it was always refreshing especially for me. I now pledge to always spend my weekend well and pamper myself, so that I can face the weekdays happily. Yes, Monday came so fast without me knowing. I need to make sure that my weekend always goes as I wish it to be.

Anyway, done with the delicious pasta, we now had to face the bitter truth – the bill. It was pretty expensive. Good food was expensive, I knew. We then went to the food court to finish our paying. We had another quick talk and then went home respectively around 7 p.m.

Arriving home, I got back into my reality. I was happy though that, at least, my weekend was fun. Yes, having a good weekend is crucial to keep ourselves sane. Cheers! Now, let me ‘enjoy’ my long weeeekdaaaays.



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