Attending the US Education Fair

Attending the US Education Fair

The weekend is approaching again, and here I am writing the last weekend’s euphoria at my office. It is good to write again in the middle of my quite busy schedule. So, let us kick this off.

Last Sunday, as planned, I went to Pacific Place to attend the US education fair. I was supposed to attend two sessions that day – the presentation session at the at America and the fair session at the Ritz Carlton ballroom on the third floor. I was lazy at first, feeling like I wanted to stay at home all day. But, I finally could get my ass off the bed and set off. Due to my super laziness, I could not attend the presentation session and arrived at the venue around 11.30 a.m. instead.

So, I set off around 9 a.m. dressing in batik. I was trying to look as important as I could. As usual, I waited the bus to the Blok M bus station in Lenteng. It took ages for the bus to come. Luckily, the road was not so crowded that day given the fact that it was Sunday. As soon as I arrived at the bus station, I then took another bus that would take me to my destination. All went well until I found out that the JPO or jembatan penyebrangan orang near Pacific Place was all cut off. I remembered the last time coming to the mall with my friend, Dhini, attending the same event as well. We used the bridge and it was nearer that way. Very unfortunate of me, I needed to walk pretty far to figure out how the heck that I could get to the mall. I was alone (have I mentioned this?, okay I went to the fair all by myself. I was supposed to go with Dhini, but she cancelled it in the last minutes. It was okay for me since I had been going to places alone (do not give any comments, please).

Anyway, I finally knew how to get to the mall. I had to walk very far to reach the mall. My feet hurt from walking, not to mention that I wore wedges that day (yeah nice). I was happy though that I finally reached the mall. As I arrived, I headed to at America, just to see the place actually, knowing that I could not join the presentation session. I then went to one restaurant called Wendy’s to have lunch. I was starving.

It was around 12. 30 p.m. when I finished eating. I then went down and headed to the lobby where the fair was held. It was not opened yet, but I saw some people were already waiting there. I joined the crowd to wait. There, when I was waiting, I bumped into a woman who also attended the fair. We greeted each other and had this inspiring talk. I was totally blown away by her passion and motivation to study in the US. She was one of the LPDP awardees. I was thankful that I met this lady, she gave me the motivation boost I seriously needed.

Two countries I love. Hoping to be able to visit the other one (US) (Source: Google)

Around 1 p.m., the gate was finally opened. I got in with a new friend of mine and had ourselves registered. We then got a goody bag with the brochures inside. It was fun, my happy moment, receiving the goody bag. We waited pretty long until the ambassador, Robert Blake Jr., officially opened the fair. We surely would not miss the moment – I recorded him giving the speech, I also took quite many pictures of him. He basically talked about how close Indonesian and American were. I was motivated to seriously pursue my further education there, in the US. Let us hope that Allah will give me His Will.

The ambassador. He is so tall in real life (Source: Google)

A few minutes after the speech, the fair was officially opened. The crowd excitedly got into the hall. The stands from different universities were all there, ready to help us out. I was like a child there, looking all curious and excited at the same time. I stopped by at every booth, listening to the campus representatives talking and promoting their campuses. It was fun, especially for a geek like me, coming to the education fair like that where English was happily spoken there. I myself got a chance to talk to one representative from Ilinois University and shared about my interest in education with him. It was a very brief discussion, but still worth my time and not to mention effort to finally use my English.

The goody bag and brochures

For about one hour or so, I walked and walked from one stand to another. Getting myself the brochures, listening to other people’s questions, and being fascinated by how the representatives explained and answer the questions. All and all, it was fun wandering around the hall. It was not so much different from the last year’s event. I, on the other hand, felt a bit lonely though as I enjoyed the fair alone. It was significantly different from last year’s where I went with Dhini and we totally had a blast at the fair.

As I finished wandering and enjoying the fair, I then left the venue around 3 p.m. I headed to Wendy’s (again) to have my so-after-lunch. Visiting the stands, apparently, took some energy. I had a kind of bento set and enjoyed it very much. As I finished eating, I then left the restaurant and headed home. The bus riding was fun – I could totally relax and chill in the bus. As I arrived at the bus station to get into my second bus, I found other buses but my bus. I walked far to the end of the station, yet I still could not find the bus.

I was confused and kinda hopeless. The rain started falling and there I was, waiting for the bus like a child. I then made the very reasonable decision – I took another bus that headed on my way as well but farther. Similar to the first ride, I also enjoyed the second. I listened to songs mostly and basically enjoyed the rain (and yeah if you ask, I did feel a bit galau, due to the situation). I then arrived in Pondok Labu and from there, I rode gojek. It was faster, more efficient, that way.

All and all, it was one fine day and weekend. I totally enjoyed it although I enjoyed it alone. I learn that although you have no friends to be with you, you still got yourself and you yourself who must go out there and live the life you want. Yes, having no friends to go with will never stop me from doing or going to places I really want. We are young anyway, we have everything in our power, we should not let the life pass us by without us really living and experiencing the good moments that life can offer.

So, that is all, my happy and productive weekend. Totally will have a more productive weekend in the future. And finally, here is to the young people who bravely, curiously, and passionately follow their dreams and awesomely live their lives, you guys rock! Mila is signing off now, bye!


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