A Quite Surprising Week

A Quite Surprising Week

This week went pretty smoothly with some surprises along the way. Let me write the complete story here.

The first major thing I did this week was watching over my students on their English exam. It brought me to my own old school days. It was fun, watching over my students during exam. I was the teacher now, no longer a student who was being watched over. Time indeed flew. I had my class on Tuesday morning and I got my students ready. The class was pretty conducive, fortunately. Teaching days were now more fun, realizing that I had two great fellow teachers, Anggi and Iki, throughout the journey.

Wednesday was spent by attending the so called Monev or monitoring and evaluasi on our PPKT program. That day was supposed to be my day off, but alas, I needed to come. The Monev itself went pretty quickly. We talked about the things that have happened in the first two weeks of our PPKT. I must say that everything was so far so good. We also talked about the PPKT program elements such as the research element which was the most challenging element of all. Done with the Monev, I bumped into an old friend of mine named Tiwi. We then had this kind of catch up about our teaching life. We talked about our junior high school and stuff. We basically talked about how it felt like to be a teacher and how teaching life felt like. I can tell that Tiwi was a passionate teacher herself. She even talked about the working plan we might have together in the future. It was fun and refreshing to share what we felt. As fellow teachers, we both knew what we dealt with on daily basis.

Thursday was spent with me being the guru piket. I spent the day mostly with Iki as Anggi was absent due to the typhus she had. It was on Thursday afternoon, right after my teaching duty was over, when I met Dhini at the mall to watch a movie. Yes, I needed that, a quick escape from my teaching reality. We watched a movie called Deadpool that day.

The Funny Movie Poster (Source: Google)

The movie was so hilarious. It was not like I expected it to be. It was funnier and better than any regular super hero kind of movies. I was glad that I picked the movie to watch. It was such an entertainment. I and Dhini laughed so hard during the movie. Right after the movie ended, I and Dhini went to grab a cup of ice cream. We then just walked around the mall, with two cups of ice cream in our hands, acting as we were two little girls. It was a simple pleasure, indeed, having ice cream over a good talk with your best friend. We did it for quite some times. We also talked about Dhini’s thesis and our future plans. Such an adulthood topic, indeed. It was fun seeing and catching up with her.

Done with the quick escape on Thursday evening, I returned to my teaching reality on Friday. Surprisingly, I was appointed as the master of ceremony at the kultum event that morning. Iki, having the same luck as me, was also appointed as one of the preachers that morning. Lucky for her, she had done a little preparation for that, while I was completely blank on this. I was nervous at first not knowing what to say. But, you know, being a teacher during the PPKT, simply meant that we needed to be ready in every situation. We could not say “no” or “I can’t“, we just nodded and did the job we were assigned for. That’s it. So, I braced myself and did my job. I stepped onto the podium and slowly greeted the audience. I was thankful that the nervousness slowly went away as I became more comfortable standing and speaking on the podium.

It was quick, I did it pretty well, and I was proud of myself for that. Being the MC for that event was such a task, especially when you were not prepared for it. Yeah, I considered myself good at some points. Who knows that I might be a MC later on in life? Iki, similarly, also did well on her kultum. She was in such a good mood – she spoke clearly and enthusiastically. We took turns in recording our performances. It was pretty fun, and I was happy that I did not have such stage fright. The kultum ended around 7. 30 a.m., I and Iki then continued our day by watching over our students during their exam. Yeah, another fun moment, watching over the exam. I must say that the students were all funny. They were all cute in their own ways.

Finished with the full weekdays, I finally got my weekend. Well, the real TGIF or Thank God It’s Friday is so true now when I am being a teacher. Yes, Friday is like a golden ticket for the free, relaxing, stress-free, days ahead. I am, moreover, happy that this weekend was wisely spent. I will write about it more on the next post.

So, that is all for this week recap. Until next post!


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