The First Book-Hunting in 2016

The First Book-Hunting in 2016

I am so happy that I could finally do a book-hunting again after a while not doing so. As I write this, I realize that the book-hunting would be my first book-hunting in 2016. Yes, there is always a beginning for everything. Book-hunting itself is something that I super love doing. There are like plenty of book-hunting I have done in 2015. The books are all good and they come from different bookstores. Yes, for the love of books, I also love bookstores and I am more than willing to go to each of the bookstore I know for the book-hunting.

A woman checking out a book at a bookstore/typical me (Source: Google)

Last weekend, then, was spent hunting some books. It has been a while since I was dying to buy some new books, yet I could not do that due to my tight schedule and financial as well lol. I finally pulled myself out and asked for some money from my mom. I actually did not have some book titles in mind. All I knew was I needed some new books to read, any good books both in Bahasa Indonesia and English would work for me. I had two bookstores in mind though, the two that I frequently visited.

So, I set off to the first bookstore around 1 p.m. Cloudy day did not stop me from going. As soon as I arrived, I explored the bookstore each section after another. I stayed longer at the import books section where English books were stacked. Unfortunately though, I found nothing interesting. Yes, I could be very picky when it came to books. I bought the best books only, something that suited my character and passion. Having found nothing good in the shelves, I then decided to leave the bookstore and went to the second one. Just when I was about to leave the bookstore, I came across this one book that I found very intriguing. The cover, the title, the design, successfully captured my nerdy attention. Plus, the book was also about writing written by one famous Indonesian writer I knew, Ayu Utami. Yeah, the book could satisfy my writing hunger. It was funny though how interested I could be when it came to writing books although I was not really sure about considering writing as my future career. I once photocopied a book about novel writing from a friend of mine long ago. It was good yet I never really finished reading it. Anyway, this is the book on writing I am talking about:

The first book I bought that day (Source: Google)

I then checked out the book for a while. I turned one page after another. Interestingly, almost all of the available books were not wrapped in plastic. I hated that so much. But, being compromise on this one, I did not mind this time. The content was just too good to leave. I was sure that I would buy the book, well after a careful examination on which one had the best quality (not dirty, curly folds in the edges, etc etc). The book itself priced Rp. 120.000. Yes, it was pretty expensive, but I knew no bargain when it came to books. This is the value my parents teach me, any price is okay for knowledge.

Right before I paid the book, I checked out some books in my near shelves. There were some books, literature books to be exact, titled Hujan di Bulan Juni, and some poems about it by Sapardi Djoko Damono. I was captivated by the title right away. The book seemed to be romantic in a very humble way. I also had seen the book several times being placed on one shelf under the heading “Best Seller”. Well, I was very into best seller books, I mostly bought books because they were considered as best seller. It was easier that way especially when you did not know what book to buy. All you needed to do was just heading to the best seller section and grabbed one book that interested you most. Simply done.

Simply good (Source: Google)
Interesting! (Source: Google)

Anyway, having seen the title, I would like to look at the inside of the book. Alas though, the books were all wrapped. There was no single book unwrapped available for readers (re: me) to take a peek inside. I was curious. I could not buy the book without first checking out the inside. I then headed to some shelves where the book was placed in. And yes, I found the shelves, the book was there along with some other interesting books. To my disappointment, there was not even a single unwrapped book. I then checked out some other books in the shelf. I found some novels by my favorite author, Ika Natassa. I have always wanted to read her early novels. It was super late I knew, but better late than never, right?

In the shelf, there were a line of Ika’s novels starting from Antologi Rasa to Twivortiare. I wanted to buy them all, and it seemed like I would have a complete collection of the novels soon. I decided to buy Antologi Rasa first though. The price was Rp. 66.000. I knew Ika Natassa for the first time when I bought her newest novel called Critical Eleven. It was so so good. I fell in love with her right away. She writes brilliantly, I must say, with the witty lines; smart jokes; natural flow of writing; and the somehow good combination of Bahasa Indonesia and English. Not to mention her general knowledge about the things she likes – photography, art, music, that she pours into her novels. She has my heart and attention since the day one. As I read Critical Eleven, I discovered that Ika was the brilliant mind behind the novels Antologi Rasa and Twivortiare that I had seen several times in any bookstores. Although the novels were not strange to me, I somehow did not feel the urge to buy any of them until I read Critical Eleven. Yes, the novel brought me to the rest of Ika’s other novels.

5 out of 5 stars for this one (Source: Google)

Having read Critical Eleven, I was in no doubt to buy Antologi Rasa. It was great to see how many times the book has been re-published. I was thankful that Ika’s novels were still there in the bookstore, being re-published over and over. Yes, for a late info reader like me, seeing the early novels of my favorite writer available in the bookstore was just a pure bliss. As I write this, I have been reading the Antologi Rasa for a few days now, and I almost reach the end of it. The novel is (again) brilliant. The witty lines are everywhere yet there are some lines that I find so deep. Ika can deliver a deep message in the middle of light and easy writing. She also brings the romantic kinda story to the next level. I fall in love with the characters, to the new information I get, and to the fun reading experience I have.

The novel I am currently reading. What a novel! (Source: Google)

So, that is all for this book-hunting sorta writing. There will be more book-hunting this year hopefully. In the meantime, I will finish reading Antologi Rasa and soon continue with the Menulis Kreatif by Ayu Utami. Ah, days are better spent with some reading dose, right? Now, grab some books and start reading them. And, before I end this post, I want to sincerely recommend those books I mention earlier for those who claim themselves a bookworm. Happy reading, folks!



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