The Seminar Proposal Week

The Seminar Proposal Week

Last week was a rough one for me. Well, I had my proposal accepted by my adviser and I also had my proposal examined by two examiners. It was challenging and nerve-racking. So, I had this quick yet significant reunion with my classmates on Tuesday afternoon. We met at the faculty and we had a super late lunch together. It was always fun, catching up with them. I then came to my adviser’s office to get the accepted sign. It was around 5 p.m. when I submitted my proposal to the department. At the office, I bumped into Iyan and Dila. We were (more) than happy to see each other again after a while. We then had this quick and short chat. We then went home respectively. I was glad that the proposal had been successfully submitted though the most important part was not done yet, the proposal seminar.

Wednesday was spent by teaching in the afternoon. I was thankful that I could chill in the morning as I did not have anything to do. You know, I could watch TV all morning and relax my body. I could wake up late and was not in a hurry to go to campus. The only major activity I did that day was teaching my usual classes on Wednesday afternoon. I got prepared around 1.30 p.m. I was lazy at first, but duty was duty, I pulled myself out of couch and then set off. Luckily, my students were all nice. I had a pretty good time teaching them. That afternoon was also special because I received my first salary ever. Whoa, I finally got that super happy feeling. Although the salary was not much, but it was from my own hard work. I could not be prouder. As usual, I finished teaching around 6 p.m. I felt excited going home not only that I was starving but I was eager to plan on how would I spend the money.

Thursday was spent by being the guru piket. This time felt better though. I was busy creating my Power Point Slides for the proposal seminar on Friday. That morning, Iki came to my station and shared her funny story early in the morning. It was about the ojek driver that made her coming late that day. I then remembered my own funny story that also happened early in the morning. It was related to one ojek driver. Well, the story was when I was about to ride the ojek and I was checking the motorcycle when the driver suddenly rode away the motorcycle, without me on it. It was hilarious, I could tell, and embarrassing as well. I was there, stuck for a while, and then screamed, asking the driver to stop. It was embarrassing and confusing at the same time. I then picked up another ojek and off I went.

That day, furthermore, I and Iki got a job to teach religion or Agama Islam subject at the ninth grades. We were nervous at first, not only did we lack of teaching religion experience, we also lacked of idea what the topic was. It turned our that we needed to teach about iman kepada qada’ dan qadar. Yes, that brought me back to my old moments at JHS years ago. Long story short, I and Iki taught the subject in two classes. The first class was all good, I even had a crush on one student there. The other class, on the other hand, was all noisy and annoying. I got pissed there that I left the class. The day was ended with us teaching BTQ. On that day as well that I found out my two future thesis advisers, Ms. Nurul (again) and Mr. Dadan. I had these feelings between relieved and nervousness. It was like I was happy that my two advisers were super great at what they did, but I was also scared of being advised by them. Ms. Nurul was an exception here as I had gone through the consultation session before with her. It was good. I also knew who got who that day. I was happy for my friends. It was a day away from our seminar proposal. We were all nervous.

Despite the nervousness, I managed to have a very good nap right after arriving at home. I woke up around 9 p.m. and I was in horror. I had not rehearsed for my presentation yet. The slides were not even finished yet, and yes I was in trouble. I got up with eyes wide opened. To my absolute relief, Dede informed me in the PPKT group that our seminar would be at 1 p.m. instead of at 9 a.m. I thanked Allah. I then set my laptop ready and continued making my slides. I stayed up late doing them. I also woke up early the next day to rehearse my presentation. I could not believe that the day had come.

As I arrived, I bumped into Syara, Inten, and Akira. I then went to the fourth floor and saw some of friends there. Most of them had done their seminar. I was nervous. As my friends came from the classes, we had the usual talk we used to have, and mostly about how their seminar went. What interesting was when we saw Mbake and asked how her seminar went. She seemed unease. I could imagine how hard it was, presenting the proposal to our cool lecturer, Ms. Tati. Soon after the quick catch up with Mbake, I had my own seminar. I was there at the class with the other four. Ms. Nurul then came in, making us even more nervous. We kicked off the seminar then. One presenter after another. I was the second presenter, and I did it pretty well. The tough part was when the examiners asked me questions. The question from Mr. Dadan was the toughest. I had a hard time answering it. Luckily, I could finish the seminar and I felt so relieved after that.

The situation was intense as the next presenters deliver their presentations. The more questions raised, the shaking answers given, and so on. At the end of the session, we gathered around and talked to Mr. Dadan. He further said that we could conduct our research as soon as we got the consultation form. I realized that it was getting closer to my graduation day. Yes, let us hope that everything go super smoothly until I am declared Bachelor of Arts. Aamiin. During the seminar, the heavy rain was pouring down Ciputat. It was such a horror scene to see out from the window.

Anyway, the seminar gave me a closer connection with my fellow friends from the group. I talked a lot with Ayu and we even left the class together. We bumped into Akira and Anggi on our way home. It was after the rain stopped when I got onto the bus. The bus was awful, and it gave me a super terrible headache. I was in a bad feeling throughout the ride. I got better in the next ride though. I then bought myself two packs of ice creams. My belief was that I could always get better after having some ice creams. This belief seemed true that day. It was weird, having an ice cream on a very cold day like that, but I could not care less. The weekend then was finally started.

So, that is all about this week. I cannot believe that I finally did the one step every mahasiswa tingkat akhir does. Now, let us hope for a very good result, shall we?


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