My New Routine

My New Routine

My new routine (Source: Google)

It is the first week of the month, and I officially start it by having a new routine – teaching. This week was pretty tough as I had to stay at school from Monday to Friday from 6.30 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. I must say that it was fun and exciting at first, but soon it felt ordinary and even boring. Yeah, I had this kind of mixed feelings between excitement and boredom going on. I don’t know exactly how this happened, but I am pretty sure it has been going on for a while.

Well, first of all, I want to personally salute all teachers in this country. I now understand how it feels like to be a full time teacher. I must say that there are moments when I like the job so much such as when my students happily greet me in the hallway, but there are some moments when I feel so bored and exhausted that all I want to do is just go home and take a nap. Yeah, the struggle is so darn real, and this is just the beginning.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have always imagined myself coming to a class wearing a pair of glasses and bringing a pile of books every single day. Now, it is coming true. Now, I am indeed a school teacher just like what I have imagined all this time. Despite the excitement, I somehow feel unease. It is true then when you finally get what you want, you tend to take it for granted and look for another thing. It is happening to me, and I find it disturbing.

My childhood imagination, me being a teacher (Source: Google)

I must say that this week was like an opening week for me, the opening week to my new routine for the next couple of months. The hardest part was to wake up early, set off early, come on time, and then make sure that I did not fall asleep during school hours. I was lucky that I did not really have tough jobs to do, and I could manage the jobs I had now so far. Still, the boredom struck me once in a while. I even thought about changing career because of it. Yes, I could think that far.

Anyway, stop with the negativity and complaints. Now, I am gonna tell you how my week went. Monday was like a free day for me except that I still had to go to school. I basically did not have classes to teach or activities to do. This Monday, I came on time and together with Iki, I had my first flag ceremony. To our surprise, we were assigned to teach a so called pendalaman materi in the ninth grades. Well, teaching the ninth grades was clearly a challenge. The boys were so noisy. Luckily, it lasted only for a couple of minutes. I and Iki shared our experience and feelings afterwards. Later on, I was assigned to teach in 8.7 which was my first time coming to the class. It went well thankfully. The students were nice. I taught narrative text at the class that time, and I did not mind teaching the class again in the future. Monday then went on with me and Iki being the guru piket for the three floors all at once. It was tiring and confusing, but it was fun as well. We really mastered the art of multi tasking that day. Later that day, I came to 8.2 and 8.1 to give some assignments and monitor the learning process since the teacher was absent. Around 1 p.m. where the students were all off to home, I and Iki had few things to do at the office. We took selfies instead to kill time. They turned out great.

Chill with the fellow teacher, Iki

Moving on to Tueday, I had my morning class in 7.4 and I taught about clarification. It was the first two meetings to teach the topic. The class went well. I was nervous at first since my teaching supervisor, Mr. Memed, came to class and stayed there until I finished teaching. Long story short, the day went well with some new things happened along the way like the sudden new schedule. So, Mr. Memed wanted us to teach two classes, but to our total relief, it was cancelled. We stick to our original schedule.

Wednesday was spent on campus with the proposal consultation and book borrowing. Not to mention my teaching schedule in the afternoon. I was glad to see my classmates, Kiki and Fitri, that day on campus. It had been a while since the last time I saw and talked to both of them. That day, I also paid my tuition fee. So, my Wednesday went pretty productive.

Thursday was spent again at school with me being a full time guru piket on the third floor. That moment was actually the moment when I felt really bored. I suddenly hated the job so much and all I wanted to do was just write, for the rest of my life. I, for a second, hated the idea of teaching and spending time at school. I even talked to my friend slash future psychologist, Icha, about it. It got better though after the break. I started enjoying the guru piket job. Later that day, I, Iki, and Anggi, took some selfies at the office. We made the selfie plan early that day. The selfies were great. We even went home late because of the selfie session.

Friday was fun too. We finally understood the real meaning of #TGIF. We were looking forward for the weekend. I had my class after the break where Iki had hers in the morning and Anggi working as the guru piket. We spent pretty much time at the office with Iki and Anggi busily working on their proposal. Yes, we were in a deadline. Next week would be about submitting our final proposal, getting accepted, and presenting it in front of the judges. We were nervous. Anggi went home early that day as she wanted to go to campus for a consultation. That day, we were getting closer to Ms. Mufi who also shared the office with us. We basically enjoyed our time at the office together.

And, the weekend came! Ah, it was such a relief. I spent my weekend at home though, catching up with the works that have been postponed. Even so, I thankfully got the rest I needed this week. I could have a good sleep and chill days. Let us hope that the next week will be better than this. Aamiin.

So, that is all. My new routine is obviously teaching now, and I am still trying to embrace the new role I am now having. Wish me luck!


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