My First Teaching Week

My First Teaching Week

This week was officially my first teaching week. I spent almost every day at the school now. Let me give you a complete story of it.
On Monday, I went to the campus to get a book I needed from my friend. I also needed to visit the library to extend my borrowing date. They were done pretty fast, and I was free after that. I met Inten and Mbake that day which was such a heartwarming. It was a quick “hi!” but it was quite meaningful to me.

My school or teaching related week started on Tuesday. I and my two fellow teaching friends came to the school. We were scheduled to meet the headmaster. We then were sent to meet two teachers who would help us a lot during our teaching practice at the school. One teacher was a BK teacher named Karta and the other was from the curriculum board named H. Hamzah. Both of them were kind, all teachers and staff were kind too. Alhamdulillah. We then introduced ourselves to them and we listened to their explanations regarding our teaching practice attentively. There, we talked about our classes, schedule, office, jobs, and responsibilities. Such a hard work.

We then got invited to have a quick school tour led by Mr. Karta. There, we could get a glimpse of the school’s library, prayer room, and of course the canteen. We even got treated by Mr. Karta that afternoon. We were treated a bowl of soto sold at the canteen. It was good. The lunch was like our bonding time to him which was important for us. That day, I felt like I was already close to the school. Finished eating, we then got back to see Mr. Hamzah at his office. He told us about our future classes and our weekly schedule. We were almost ready for the teaching. After that, we needed to fill our presence form which was officially started that day. We then went home.

On Wednesday, we had our official teaching practice opening. We were glad that our dear leacturer, Mr. Dadan, could attend the opening. It was started around 10 a.m. with him talking to the headmaster and his colleagues. It was such a formal situation. I felt a bit nervous listening to my lecturer’s speech. It was officially then, us being the English teachers there. It went pretty fast. It was also a humble opening with such an intimacy between two parties involved. The school welcomed us pretty well. It was ended with the picture taking session.

My Wednesday did not stop there. We met the English teacher there named Mr. Memed. He was quite old and not in a very good condition. He needed help. The school told us so, and as predicted, we would be the ones who helped him. Later that afternoon, we had the lesson plans and syllabus ready from him, and then went to our first class on the third floor. Our first week that was scheduled for observation was changed to our real teaching session. We were accompanied by Mr. Hamzah to the class. He introduced us to the class which was 7.6 and after a few minutes, we took over the class until the bell rang.

Anggi took over the class first. She would also be the one who had the class later on. 7.6 was her responsibility. It was an introduction session with Anggi called out the students one by one. After 7.6, we also went to 7.5 with Iki led the class this time. It went pretty much the same as Anggi’s class. We then ended the class by introducing ourselves (I and Anggi) to the class. And yes, 7.5 would be Iki’s responsibility. It was 1.30 p.m. when the bell rang. We then went home respectively.

On Thursday, we arrived early around 6.30 a.m. We were scheduled to join the teacher’s forum that day. We also would introduce ourselves to all teachers there at the forum. It went quickly as the teachers were about to watch the morning exams. We were free that morning. Anggi got her job though, helping a teacher watch a class. The exam itself lasted until 9 a.m.

During the exam, both I and Iki did not have any works to do. We came to Mr. Hamzah’s office and talked to him. We ended up getting a quite long lecture from him regarding the lesson plan and stuff. We then went to our office which was at the BK room. It was nice and comfortable. That was where we would spend our time when we were not teaching. Around 10 a.m., the three of us came to 7.3 where I was responsible. We were not scheduled to teach actually, but Mr. Memed made us to since he was away taking care of his sick daughter. We embraced the ‘soon’ responsibility half heartedly. Luckily, the class was fun. The students were all nice. The three of us also worked cooperatively pretty well. We led the class successfully until the bell rang. Finished with the class, we then moved on into the next class, 7.2 and Iki was in charge this time. Again, we were there to substitute Mr. Memed. It went successfully too. We had so much fun being at the two classes. As the bell rang, we ran back to the office. Around 11 a.m., Anggi continued teaching at her original class while I and Iki stayed at the office. We had no classes to teach that afternoon. I had bakso for lunch that day. The bell rang again at 1.30 p.m. signaling that all classes were off. We stayed though. Every Thursday, we had to teach BTQ or baca tulis qur’an from 2 to 2.30 p.m. So, we kicked off our first BTQ session that day with the help from some college students from outside school too. We then went home around 3 p.m.

Friday, yes it was finally Friday. I and Iki saw the teachers did some sport. We then stayed at the office discussing our lesson plan until the first bell rang. Iki had the morning class that day. She led the class all by herself. Anggi was in charge of being a guru piket while I was pretty much jobless that morning. When the break bell rang around 9.30 a.m., I and Iki went to the canteen and had soto for lunch while Anggi had her lunch at the office. After the break, I came to my class, my original class 7.4, accompanied by Iki who was very helpful. I led the class by myself that day and the months forward. The game was officially on now!

I must say that the class was not so cooperative at first. I found some students bullied their classmates; very noisy; and impolite – typical junior high school students. I was hopeless at first but refused to give up so easily. That was my first day after all. Anything could improve. I managed to teach the class well though. I followed the lesson plan which I made earlier. I faced some confusion at first, but I went with the flow and just enjoyed the class. The class ended around 11.10 a.m. I went back to the office and found Iki and Anggi were already there. They asked me how the class went. I said honestly, in a depressed tone. I was optimistic though that I could manage and make the students well-behaved and smart. Next, we were talking about our teaching plan for the next week when Mr. Karta approached our desks. He told us that we could go home early. Yes, we were mandated to go home at 3 p.m. every-single-day. So, having heard that we could go home early that day surely made us happy. He further told us that we did not have works to do plus the teachers would have a meeting at which we could not participate. So, going home was the best decision.

It was the first week. It was fun. I still try to set a good schedule for me especially with the on time problem I sometimes encounter. I even needed to ride an ojek twice for my morning schedule that week. It was such a whole new experience, riding an ojek with me wearing a long skirt. It was funny too.

I spend my weekend staying at home. Yes, I will treasure my weekend more now. My weekdays are already packed with the teaching stuff, so my weekend should be relaxing. Let us hope that everything will work well, from the day-to-day teaching to the proposal writing I have been doing until now. The game is so on now, and I don’t have any other choices but to face it with grace. Yeah!!!

So, that is all for this weekend’s writing guys. Anyway, I had my morning run this morning with Kartika and Ntik, my shs mates. It was quite refreshing. Bye!


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