What Happen in a Week

What Happen in a Week

It feels so good to finally write here after quite some times not to. Now, I want to share about my activities this week. I know that I should write or share about them in my diary, the one with paper and pencil, but I just prefer to write anything here nowadays, so let me continue. I do want to write here on a daily basis which means that I want to write here every single day, but often times I find little time to write and there are also no major things happen in a day, so I just keep the ideas for a while and write them when the time is right.

Weekend is always a good time for me to write, to do some recap of the things I do in a week. Weekend also gives me much more time to do my things. So, it is very understandable why I write now (on Sunday evening) because I can focus and be distractions free. Anyway, this week was awesome, and I was pretty happy about it.

First of all, I could submit my proposal on Monday which I had shared earlier here (https://milamutsliah.wordpress.com/2016/01/18/my-finally-proposal-submission-and-a-fine-day-at-the-library/). I then had a day off on Tuesday which I spent by going to my usual mall and watching a movie called The Fifth Wave. The movie was pretty awesome. As usual, I watched the movie by myself and I totally enjoyed it.

The movie’s official poster (Source: Google)

I actually did not plan on watching the movie at first, but I felt like kinda bored and I saw the poster at the cinema, so I watched it and I did not regret it at all. I think it becomes my new habit, watching movies alone. As always, I had my favorite snack and drink too to accompany me that day.

Moving to Wednesday, I spent it by coming to campus where I met Ummi and Syara. We ended up having lunch together again. I then spent my Wednesday afternoon teaching. Yes, it is official. I now dedicate my Wednesday afternoon to teach. I had taught for two meetings which were pretty awesome, and I planned on staying there at my teaching place as a teacher for a while. Wish me luck! I basically taught for four hours from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. It was already dark when I finished teaching and somehow I felt like it was the first time for me to really work and earn money. It was the kind of experience you had in your youth, and I was happy I had it. I was thankful that there was this ojek service that really helped me to go home. Yes, I always had the ojek to go home after my teaching day. It was better that way, and faster too. I could arrive at my house around 7. 30 p.m. which was not too late.

Thursday was spent at home. Nothing major happened. Staying at home with the endless phone checking and shows watching. Yes, I was just being a couch potato all day long. Thankfully, my Friday was better. I went to Ciputat again, to the UIN’s Language Development Center to be exact, to consult with my proposal adviser. It lasted only for 30 minutes, but I got the feedback and comments I absolutely needed. It felt so good to have the consultation session with my adviser as I could know what to revise. It went so fast. I left the place around 9. 30 a.m. feeling starving. I then headed to a chicken porridge seller near my campus. I ordered and ate it by myself at my faculty. The faculty itself was quiet, only very few people were there given the fact that it was a long holiday already. I was eating the porridge happily when my friend Catur came. We then talked for a while, discussing the future teaching practice, the proposal consultation, and also our respective advisers. It was like a quick catch up with her, and it was fun talking to someone who went through the same things as you did.

The Pusat Bahasa building, one of the important buildings of UIN (Source: Google)

I finished eating my porridge around 11 a.m. I then headed to Depok, to UI to be exact, and stayed at its comfortable library. It had been a while since the last time I went there. Coming to the library always made me happy, it was like my second campus, my second home. On my way to the library, I bought myself a cup of ice cream and a plastic of cilok. They were such mood boosters!

A cup of McFlurry, quite pricey but totally worth it (Source: Google)
A wagon of cilok or small meatballs near Pondok Cina Train Station (Source: Google)

And yeah, I was such a food enthusiast. Just for your information, food lovers, Pondok Cina Train Station has this line of food sellers that will make your mouths water. The foods are varied from cilok to kue basah. They are all good and cheap as well. The cilok itself was really good. I always bought it every time I came to UI. It was addictive.

As soon as I arrived at the library, I grabbed two magazines to read and I also ate my cilok. Ah, it was such a perfect moment. There were some visitors near me who were reading, typing, chatting, and eating. The library itself was always crowded. After I finished eating, I then headed to the library’s third floor to find some books. The registration fee was Rp. 5.000. Moreover, what I learned from UI library’s staff was that they were all friendly. I was greeted and helped kindly. I then headed to the shelf where the language books were stacked. I found some interesting books that I borrowed and photocopied later when I left the library.

The unique main entrance of the library (Source: Google)

I was lucky enough to have a friend from the campus who was kind enough to borrow the books for me. Her name was Fafa and I knew her from the language community we joined earlier. It was fun catching up with her. It was such a quick meeting but still nice. I and Fafa then went into different directions. I went to UI’s food spot which was famous for its bakso malang. I then ordered a bowl of bakso malang and enjoyed it to bits. Next, I went back to the library to get my photocopies. It was done around 6 p.m. and then I headed home.

My Saturday and Sunday or weekend were spent by staying at home and being a couch potato. I seriously watched TV a lot which was relaxing; sleeping; and spending time with my parents. I did not have any special plans for this weekend, so staying at home would be the best choice. Anyway, I also started revising my proposal on Sunday afternoon to evening after lazily postponing it for a while. I then ended my weekend by writing this.

So, this week was quite awesome. I do hope that the next week will be more awesome as I will be busy doing an observation at the school. The next week is also supposed to be spent in Malang with my girls but yeah, I cancel it as I need to be in Jakarta to do the school stuff. So, that is all. Bye!


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