My (finally) Proposal Submission and a Fine Day at the Library

My (finally) Proposal Submission and a Fine Day at the Library

Wohooo, after a week of hard work and being a walking zombie these past few weeks, I finally could submit my proposal to my adviser. It was supposed at 9 a.m. but thanks to the awful traffic, I ended up arriving at my adviser’s office around 10.10 a.m. Luckily, my adviser was not mad.

It was super tiring as I needed to walk so fast to be at the office which was quite far from campus. When I arrived there, I needed to wait a bit because my adviser was in the middle of talking with her colleague. It was the first time for me to be at the office. I was pretty blown away by the office and by how great it looked. I kinda admired my adviser as she was the director of the language center on my campus yet she was so humble.

After waiting for some times, I finally could come in and handed my proposal. The next few minutes were about me and my adviser talking about my proposal. My adviser took a look at it and then all of a sudden suggested me to take another title that was related to TOEFL scores. I said no, of course, as I knew nothing about researching on TOEFL score related thing. My adviser then took my proposal and said that she would read and check it. We then set the next appointment on Wednesday to meet again and discuss the checked proposal.

It was so fast. My adviser seemed busy like she always did. I was relieved that I finally could submit my proposal and I did hope that it would turn out good. My next plan today after the proposal submission was to go to the main library. I had to find some more books particularly on Statistics and Research Methodology. I then went there alone and soon was busy finding and reading books. Around 1 p.m., my two friends, Ummi and Syara came and approached me. They also wanted to find books there. We then had this usual funny and weird chat together and chatted (mainly) about proposal stuff and the teaching practice. Yes, my chat topics now were not far from those things.

We were at the library until 2.30 p.m. We then headed to a restaurant which we loved so much. We were starving and it was good to eat together again. We stayed there at the restaurant for quite some times. We talked about the recent suicidal bomb incident even. We could talk about one thing to another randomly when we were together. We then finished our eating and went home respectively.

So, that is all. I guess I now find my perfect writing time again (thankfully), hopefully I can write more here. Finally, I am happy that I had a fine day today with my friends and I surely have many readings to read, so please wish me luck!


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