Visiting SMPN 166 and Watching The Forest

Visiting SMPN 166 and Watching The Forest

Hi, I have been so busy lately with proposal writing and stuff, so I have so little time left to write here which is a shame. But, now I am trying to catch up my writing and I am gonna write about my visit to smpn 166 which will be the school where I will be teaching at and also about my movie date with my girls from dimms.

I visited the school on the last Friday together with my future teaching fellows Anggi and Iki to do a quick introduction with the headmaster. It was a nice visit as the headmaster was really kind and welcoming. I was happy and relieved that the headmaster accepted the three of us to be the English teachers there at the school. Another step was successfully done, Alhamdulillah. It was such a nice visit although we had to wait for more than an our because the headmaster was having a meeting when we arrived.

That day, I did not only plan on going to the school but also I planned on going to a cinema to watch a movie called The Forest with my girls. I was worried at first that I would not have time for the movie as I waited pretty long for the headmaster. But, lucky me, the school thing was done around 3.35 p.m. which only took around ten minutes to meet and talk with the headmaster.

As soon as I finished doing my school thing, I then headed to the mall. I soon met my girls and watched the movie together. The movie was basically about a woman named Sara who took a journey to a so called suicidal forest in Japan. She went there to find her sister who was apparently lost. I was very interested in watching the movie at first as it sold the forest appeal, but then as I watched it, I found it boring and not scary at all. The plot was not so clear as well which was a total shame.

After two hour or some watching the movie, I and my girls headed to our usual and favorite restaurant to eat. As we ate, we talked about our holiday to Malang which was due by the end of this month. It was always fun reuniting with my girls after not seeing them in ages. After the eating, we got separated with Miftah and Dini while I, Icha, and Shasa went to a bookstore before we went home. So, Shasa asked me earlier to accompany her buying a TOEFL practice book for her next education preparation. I was so thrilled when she did that as I could be really enthusiastic when it came to books. I loved how she trusted me on helping her with her English stuff and how she bought the book based on my approval. It was quite fast as we got the book pretty easily. I also bought my monthly magazine there then together we paid the stuff and then went home respectively.

So, that is all for the catch up. I will try to make more time to write here as I miss writing here as regular as I used to. Wish me luck!


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