A Seminar on PPKT, school choosing, and the new building on campus

A Seminar on PPKT, school choosing, and the new building on campus

Well, I actually have a lot of things to write here but have been too busy with the college life, so let me back on track (blog writing track, for sure) by writing this post. This will be about the seminar on PPKT or teaching practice I had earlier this afternoon, the school choosing process I went through, and the third photo session with my girls.

First of all, starting off the day by waking up late and freaking out that I would be late for the seminar. I felt calmed though a few minutes after I had my breakfast. I planned on not going at first knowing that I would be super late, but my friend told me that the seminar had just began around 10.30 a.m. I was relieved knowing that I had time to catch up the information I missed. My strategy today was obvious – riding gojek! I will write specifically about it here, hopefully soon. On my way to campus, my friend, Epin, informed me that the first floor of the building was already full, he advised me to join him on the second floor to which I surely agreed.

I arrived around 12. I joined the crowd on the second floor that was listening to the speakers’ talking. There was not much I could get from the seminar as I was late, but thankfully the book and papers were still available. Soon after the speakers ended the seminar, the crowd went wild. Our names would be mentioned and we would receive the permission letters for the headmasters whose schools we would teach at. My friends were done with school choosing while I was not. I needed to choose another school and I did it today. It was confusing though – choosing schools. I felt a kind of dilemma in choosing junior or senior high schools. I ended up choosing smpn 166 Jakarta which Iki and Anggi had chosen earlier.

It was around 2 p.m. when I and my friends had a lunch together. I felt sad a bit today seeing how distant it already felt, my friendship. I knew that sooner or later we would work on our own things. I felt happy that today we still managed to have a lunch together, just like what we always did in the early semesters. Ah, flashing back always makes me sad.

As planned, Inten brought her camera today. We then had another photo shoot this late afternoon despite the incompleteness (minus Dila and Sasya). Syara suggested us to have the photo shoot at the newest building on campus – the future main library and parking space. We then walked pretty far to reach the spot. As we arrived, we were amazed by how grand the building was. We then positioned ourselves following Inten’s lead. It was super hard, taking pictures with all of us in the frame. We changed positions a lot – we moved here, we moved there, but got little success. We even asked the security officer around the building to take a picture of us. It was awkward. We tried again over and over until we met a friend of Iyan’s. We then asked her to take a picture of us. It was better as we could get some good pictures. We then ended the photo shoot by taking selfies. The selfies were good too. Ah, how I loved that kind of moment.

It was around 5 p.m. when we left the building and headed home. Today was a quite busy and happy day. So, that is all, let us hope that everything will be fine and go smoothly like we all hope. Aamiin.


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