Aunt Lea’s Wedding Day

Aunt Lea’s Wedding Day

This weekend was a pretty blast for me and my extended family. Arriving at 4 p.m. on Saturday at my grandmother’s house, I was welcomed by a nice decoration in the living room. The living room and the terrace were being decorated by the wedding organizer people as I came. Yes, it was almost the day, the day before my aunt’s big and most-awaited day.

This wedding was the  most anticipated wedding in the family. My mother was super excited about it as she kept talking about it the whole week. The day was finally here, and it thankfully went well. So, I saw my grandma, aunts, and the WO people were busy getting things done. Everything was prepared carefully as we wanted to make it perfect. The wedding atmosphere was already there, I could feel it. I and my parents stayed at the house for a day until the D day came.

There was not much I could do as I was just a guest there. I then spent most of my time watching videos on Youtube (with the super fast wifi in the house). I also went to bed earlier than usual not because I was sleepy but because I was bored.

The D day finally came. I woke up quite early in the morning, had fried rice for breakfast, and took a bath. I then went for a change and got ready myself while aunt lea was doing her make up. My other aunts, nieces, and nephews, then started coming and filling the house with their excitement. We, then, one by one, was being put make up on so we could get our best look. I had myself get make up on too since my mother kept ordering me to. She was noisy.

It was all set around 9 a.m. and the groom with his family came. It was a nice and humble celebration. As the guests packed the living room and prepared for the akad nikah, I was at my aunt’s room looking at how pretty she was. She was ready – beautiful in her white kebaya. She was nervous, I could tell, every bride would be. Thankfully, she had her best friends with her to support. Finally, the sacred vow was well-said by the groom. It was decided then – my aunt and her newly-married husband were legally married both in the face of state and religion. Watching that kind of view always made me think about my future wedding, and it always brought the hope back that a happy ending did exist.

My aunt sat with her husband ready to sign their marriage books (source: aunt’s lea Facebook)
The smiling couple showing their unique mas kawin (source: aunt lea’s Facebook)

After the sacred moment ended, another sacred and teary moment began. It was when the couple knelt down on their knees and sincerely asking for forgiveness from their parents. Most of us cried watching this touching moment, but it was all the happy tears, it was good.

We then ate the food. There were the typical buffet style food; the traditional dish called laksa; siomay; es doger; and soto mie. It was pretty festive. It had been a while since the last time my grandmother held a wedding celebration like that, so going festive would be surely fine.

I and my other sisters got different jobs at the wedding. I was responsible for giving the plates for the guests and also giving the souvenirs once in a while. It was fun participating at the wedding while catching up with my sisters and tasting every available food. I was more than full that day.

The wedding lasted until 6 p.m. leaving us happiness and exhaustion at the same time. I must say that the team behind the wedding worked extremely hard for the event. We all worked cooperatively for the success of the wedding. At the end of the day, we were glad that the effort was paid off.

I went home around 7 p.m. feeling tired and happy at the same time. Thinking about my aunt’s wedding, it showed me how Allah’s destiny worked in a very unique way. My aunt and my new uncle had been friends for a pretty long time. I was not sure whether they ever dated or not, but their relationship did not really worked out in the past. Allah’s destiny then brought them back together and united them in the most beautiful way – marriage. It was true then that true love would always find its way no matter how long, how far, and how impossible, it might be. My aunt was finally married to her friend in the past, someone whom she was pretty familiar with. My aunt also finally got her happy ending after spending pretty much time waiting.

I was happy seeing them together now as a husband and wife. Let’s hope that they will spend their days loving each other and making each other happy and they will be soon blessed with beautiful children. Aamiin.

The newly couple with family
The couple with their loving friends
The couple with two cutie pies

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