Another photo session of #EED12A

Another photo session of #EED12A

Today was such a relief after a long and sleepless night (thanks to my contrastive) assignment. I am glad that the final examination is finally over now although the proposal and teaching practice surely wait in the near future, but hey, let us celebrate the last day of final examination properly (re: by taking pictures).

So, it was Inten who invited us to have another photo session as classmates. It was clear that she wanted to be in the pictures now since she did not join us in the previous session. She also brought her camera anyway. So, it was all set. We came to the classroom around 11 a.m. to submit our papers then have our academic transcripts ready. Then, the photo session was officially started. First, we took some pictures in the classroom.

Source: Sasya’s Facebook

Yes, there we were in a pretty neat arrangement smiling beautifully. It was a shame though that the boys could not join us. It was like a girl squad or as I called “UIN’s next top model”.

Indonesian future English teachers (Source: Sasya’s Facebook)
The cutie candid attempt (Source: Iki’s Facebook)

I must say that doing a photo session like that always could connect us together in a good way. It was fun and sad at the same time though knowing that we would not be together in the classroom anymore. I think that is the whole point of doing the photo session anyway – to take a piece of us together in a form of pictures no matter where we are (well, am too much here?. The dress code for the photo session was actually batik as you can see, so it was a seemed semi formal photo session.

We then moved to the auditorium, to its front stairs to be exact, to take more pictures. It was really bright outside. We then got ourselves ready and took pictures. All went well until one little (annoying) kid came up. He loved us so much that he disturbed us throughout the photo session. It was hilarious to watch as Inten and Sasya dealt with the kid. He was annoyingly adorable.

We took quite many pictures there at the auditorium’s terrace. The auditorium itself was the place at where the graduation held. Yes, we pictured us walking there as graduates – something that we were working on now.

Pre graduation photo (shall we? ) (Source: Iki’s Facebook)

It was fun until our stomachs started to growl. We then left the auditorium, walking together like a cute pack of sheep. We walked through the famous Pesanggrahan Street and came to one restaurant. We then set two tables for all of us and ordered the food. The next hour was filled with our talking, laughter, gossip, and most of all, togetherness.

We talked about many things – from the unique food sellers, the so-called ‘interesting’ American movie, to the gossip which Mega passionately talked about. We then ended the lunch by having many flash disks lined up to transfer all the pictures we took today.

So, that is all for now, folks. Until the next photo session!


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