My favorite places to study (read and write)

My favorite places to study (read and write)

It is 2 p.m. as I am writing now. It has been raining outside, I am not sure though whether it is still raining or not. I have been sitting and eating my favorite snack for about an hour now, all by myself. Yes, the new year or the first month, January, has its own way to welcome us – by raining every afternoon. The rain does not stop me from going, though, as I am determined enough to go and get my favorite snack today.

As I am writing now, you are probably wondering how the title and the introductory remarks have something related, well, I am writing at the mall to where I have been frequently visiting. A place at where I and my girls hang out. A place I may come home. On my way to the mall, I was thinking about what I was gonna write later at the mall. Yeah, I planned this me-time to write something here. The idea then (luckily) popped up in my mind. I knew what I was gonna write, and it was gonna be about my favorite places to study, and by study I mean read and write. Yeah, such a bookworm I am.

Well, I always believe that the ideas for writing can come from anywhere, but the best ideas might come from your own experiences. It starts from you, it starts from within (I am not making an advertisement here, by the way). So, let us start.

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Every individual has his or her own favorite places to study. Each of us has different preferences when it comes to places for study. Libraries might work for me, but they will not for others. Some of you might love a quiet and serene place to study. A calming kind of ambiance so you can concentrate on what you study. In other words, we can say that you do not fancy studying at a busy, full of sounds, place, that kind of place will kill you even. Well, preferences, once again. For me myself, I find it a little bit contradictory when it comes to study places. By contradictory here I mean some parts of me love the quiet ambiance to study yet also fancy studying at a busy place like a food court or cafés at a mall. So, let me write it down on a list here:

  1. Library
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Library will come first, obviously, as a quiet place which is intended for people (or nerds, for this matter) to “make love” with books and dive themselves into a vast ocean of knowledge. Library, any libraries, will work for me. They are just perfect for a bookworm (or I prefer intellectual bad-ass, if it is okay with you) like me to be there for as long as I fancy. There, I will find stacks of books; computers as search engines; plenty of big tables to put my books or laptop on; a set of very comfortable chairs and cubicles; and let us not forget, the all-of-a-sudden nerdy people reading their books. Those are the typical scenes you will find at libraries, the scenes I am never bored with. Libraries are indeed the place for those who want to concentrate on their super deadline assignments. The place for those who want to be free from distractions (unless you take your super noisy and chatty friends with you. Then you will be totally distracted). My wise advice will be then for you to come to libraries by yourselves, forget companies for a while. Yes, libraries are just the right place to hit the books, and I am pretty confident that you will agree with me on this one.

I love coming to libraries to study. I love my faculty’s library; my campus’ library; and also other campuses’ libraries. Any libraries will not fail to thrill me. Bookstores also work for me anyway, but you know, bookstores are not the place to study (the writing part, mostly). They are the place, as the name suggests, where you look for books and then buy them. Bookstores will be right for book-hunting, dear book hunters.

2. My room (or my house in general)

Maybe you are wondering why my room comes second after library. Well, the only explanation is because I can be badly distracted studying in my room. I do not know about you, but my super comfortable bed can be so tempting sometimes, and also the wind from the fan who makes me sleepy in a frantic of seconds, and the light is also not so good for studying. I do have my own desk to study, a nice one to put my books on, the one I sometimes use to write. Despite the seemed-perfect desk, I still cannot study well there, in my room. Studying in my room or my house does not really work for me because I cannot maintain my concentration there. You know, the sound of the TV or the voices of your parents calling, are just too much for me. I usually end up leaving my assignments half way promising myself that I will continue later (which I do not do mostly) and go watch the TV instead. Ah, I hate it when my eyes are glued to the flat screen and I forget my assignments. Yes, the house is just full of distractions. I rarely make it productive there as it frees me to be a couch-potato for as long as I wish – and that is not healthy.

3. Mall (the food court, to be exact)

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Yes, this will be the last place on my list. I actually just recently found out that I was into malls, well I have been into malls actually but for the shopping, watching, and dining, parts. I do not consider a mall as a place to study before. Well, I do read here, at the mall, for quite some times. I love being alone reading in a busy place like the mall. But, today is the first time that I bring my laptop (on purpose) to write. This sudden idea actually is inspired by one article about writers and their writing habits and places. I do not really remember which writer who mentions this, but his or her favorite place to write is at a café. He or she states that he or she can write with the people walking around the cafe along with the sound of coffee machine and also the sound of people chatting. I find this idea intriguing as I often think that writing is such a solitary activity which most people do in solitude. Well, apparently, not all writers write in solitude. The article shows me that – precisely some writers do prefer write in a quiet place where there is no sound and distraction while some others prefer to write in a noisy place like a café. The latter group finds noise and distraction helpful in their writing endeavor. I can say that I belong to the latter group, but in my case, I write at a food court and not a café as I am not really into coffee.

The idea of writing in a busy place attracts me. I myself already know that I can study both at a quiet and busy place. I can work in the two places either, but I never try to write at the latter one, so today is definitely my first attempt. I can say that I am pretty successful in doing so as I can write this now. Yes, it works for me as I do not lose my focus with the people walking here and there, I am also fine with the music playing. These kinds of things somehow can keep me going. Yes, I will definitely do it more in the future.

Well, all and all, it depends on our own preferences. The key is to find out the places where you can work best and where you can be super productive at. If you find a mosque is a good place to study, then go ahead, spend more time there. Do anything that works for you. I myself often study while listening to music at the same time. Music relaxes me. It can be disturbing for some people, it can distract some people, but it somehow works really well for me (unless I am doing Math or Statistics, in this case even music will not help).

Besides the study places, try also to find out your study models. For me myself, study individually works best for me compared to study in groups. It does not necessarily mean that I hate working in groups, it is just that I prefer to work or study alone, it gives me the freedom to think out loud all myself. Different from me, working in groups might work for you as you can get some assistance from your peers and you can also discuss anything with them. The point is that every study model has its benefits and drawbacks. Opt for the ones that will bring more success for you. At the end of the day, it is you who knows and decides what is best for you, right?

Anyway, before I finish this piece, there are some article links about study, being a college student, study time, kind of stuff that is relevant to this writing, that I will post here in case you are interested. The articles themselves are written by my dear friend, Santi – a journalist, in cooperation with me as the source.,,,,,

So, that is all, folks. I do hope this piece and the links are useful for you. Writing at a food court definitely gives me a blast. Until next post, folks!


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