Welcoming 2016

Welcoming 2016

I know this is a little bit late since the new year’s celebration was yesterday, but it is better late than never, right? so, shall I continue?

It is currently 1.20 p.m. in the morning, and here I am in front of my laptop writing a post. After-midnight, probably, will be my favorite writing hour. Anyway, this post will be not about me telling my writing hour, but this will be me welcoming the new year, 2016.

Yes, I know it is a bit late since it is the second day of January 2016, but the new year’s euphoria is still intense. I then feel the urge to write about it here. Well, first of all, 2015 is amazing with family, friends, and the moments I share with them. 2015 is filled with laughter and happy tears, luckily. So, 2016 needs to be happier for sure.

Welcoming a new year will be typically filled with high and sometimes (a bit) ambitious resolutions, plans, and also a quick flashback on the previous year. I, personally, never write anything about a new year event or stuff because I do not really celebrate it most of the years. But, the new year eve (short for event) is widely celebrated around the world. This celebration will be commonly made along with the fireworks, a fancy dinner, a lovely meeting with loved ones, and other celebratory traits. This kind of celebration is proudly made in many countries, including here in Indonesia. Here are some pictures I find on Google on the new year’s eve celebration in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

A bunch of people pack the road around Bundaran HI or HI roundabout

Yes, the common celebration is located at bundaran HI, one famous and hectic spot in Jakarta, where many people will pack the road counting down for the new year. The celebration is held annually and becomes a not-to-miss event for some Indonesians. I myself have not had the chance to come, but I would surely love to.

The new year’s eve celebration is also celebrated by happily blowing the trumpet. You know that the new year is approaching when you see many trumpet sellers on the main roads.

A bunch of trumpets on display (source: Google)

The trumpet will be the main attraction for kids on the new year’s eve as they can blow it together with their peers. I cannot remember exactly when the last time I begged my parents for buying me one of those. It must be a very long long time ago.

Welcoming and celebrating the new year are not only related to the fireworks and trumpet, it is also related to how we reflect upon our journey throughout the past year. Yes, this kind of reflection or flashback is getting more sophisticated with the presence of social media like Facebook and Instagram. The Instagram even makes a hashtag that is instantly famous called #2015BestNine. The hashtag is basically a frame of your nine most liked pictures on your Instagram. I do not know who starts the hashtag, but it spreads so quickly that most of my Instagram friends upload their own #2015BestNine.

A Hollywood superstar, Kim Kardashian, uploads her version of #2015BestNine (source: Google)

The hashtag quickly becomes a hits among the social media users. That is certainly a new thing that only happens at the end of this year, and thanks to the social media developers for that.

It is funny to see how people can follow the hip just in a matter of seconds. All of this in the name of being kekinian, we call it, means being up-to-date. There is nothing wrong about that, of course, as I also follow the hip at times. Welcoming the new year with fireworks and trumpets is a nice way although I do not really know how this tradition started. New year’s eve will be forever associated with those two dearly sisters. However, let us not forget the real essence of flashback or reflection. Let us not forget that the essence of remembering and celebrating the new year is to remind ourselves for the things that have happened in the past and the things that will happen in the future. Let us reflect upon what 2015 has brought into our lives, yeah, the people; the lessons; the experiences; the adventures; the habits; and even the feelings.

2015 for me is a year filled with happiness although nothing major happens, but I am still thankful for what Allah has given me in the year. 2015, the year where I turned 21! yeah, let us not forget that one significant fact which for that I am forever grateful. 2015 is also the year that I really appreciate in terms of my togetherness with my classmates. Yes, long before 2016 arrived, I had had this picture of me doing the teaching practice or PPKT in mind. I knew since then that 2016 would be about dealing with our real academic stuff which made me a bit afraid. So, 2015 is probably the last year of me and my friends being a relaxed and easy college student.

I never write about new year kind of thing, and this is clearly my first one, but it will be nice indeed to mark the moment as other people do. If people mark it by lighting up the fireworks or by enthusiastically blowing the trumpets, then I will do it by writing it here. Yes, I do welcome 2016 like everybody else.

Let us hope, then, that this new year will be a much better year for us. Setting one or two new resolutions will not be hurt, of course, but to be really working on those will be much better, right? So, here is to the new year full of happiness and success. Cheers!

Happy New Year, folks! (source: Google)

*p.s: this will be my very first post in 2016 anyway. Hoping to write even more this year. Cheers!


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