A Movie Session and A Beautiful Sky

A Movie Session and A Beautiful Sky

Opening this post by telling you that I am currently enjoying my long holiday. Yes, I have been officially on holiday mode since yesterday. This week, I only got Monday and Tuesday classes to attend which really told me that I was officially a senior student now. Starting from Wednesday to even the next Monday, I will be officially on holiday mode which also means that I will have much time to write here.

Anyway, enough with the opening, I will tell you about the special things I and my three other friends (Ummi, Mbake, and Syara) did last Tuesday. So, Tuesday went pretty normal. I had my morning class which started around 8.30 a.m. instead of 7.30 a.m.; I then continued having my second class which was the Statistics class. I and my friends were also due to submit our Academic Writing assignments in our second class. Here, Mbake had a hard time finding the attendance list on which we had had supposed to mark our names and give our signatures. It went well, at the end, fortunately.

The second class, Statistics, went well too. We learned about a program called SPSS which basically helped us in calculating our data later on when we did our research. We were pretty familiar with the program, actually, but the lecturer explained it more clearly to us. There, looking at how the program worked, really told us how easy it would have been had we learn about it earlier from the beginning. Yes, any programs or technologies are created to simplify humans’ lives, don’t they?

It lasted pretty quickly as the slides were not too many. My lecturer also gave us an easy procedure to follow, something that we surely could do ourselves at homes. It ended around 1.3o p.m. Just so you know, the classroom in which we learned was so comfortable. I could consider it as the most comfortable classroom in the whole faculty. No, I was not exaggerating here, it was just the fact.

The classroom was on the seventh floor, it was 7.18 room, to be exact. The classroom seemed to be designed primarily for the listening class or language lab kinda of classroom because it had a nice carpet in it, a super (overly) working air-conditioner, and a super clear audio. The facilities made it perfect. Not to mention the projector, it was still in a very good condition. To put it briefly, the classroom was such an ideal classroom to learn in. I wished all classrooms in the faculty could be like that, one day (and here obviously, I would have graduated by then).

Right after the class ended, most of my friends were still there in the classroom. Some of them were having a chat; some were transferring some data (re: movies); and some were performing the Zuhr prayer (yes, that was possible). The classroom was like our home that day. It was ours.

My friends, one by one, started saying goodbyes and leaving the classroom. It was already around 2.30 p.m. anyway. The classroom began to be empty, and the AC began to be cooler than ever. We were freezing! The classroom was so cool that I had to go back and forth to the bathroom to pee (typical Indonesian :p).

There were the four of us left in the classroom. We certainly enjoyed being there for as long as we could given the fact that not everyday we could be in the classroom for as long as we wished, also the fact that we would be super free the next day. Going home late would not be a problem. We did not have things to do in the classroom, but we did not want to go home either, so we took some selfies instead (typical young people nowadays).

It was around 3 p.m. when I came up with the idea of watching a movie there in the classroom. Yes, an idea that would typically come from a movie lover like me. My three other friends responded to my idea excitedly. Yes, it was such a perfect room to watch a movie in. Ummi, then, took the initiative to set her laptop ready. We then chose a movie called “Home” to watch.  It was a cartoon movie, a hilarious one.

Source: Google

The movie was so good and funny that we laughed from the beginning till the end. The story line was pretty simple, but its details were amazing. It was, in fact, the simple things in the movie that we enjoyed most. Just like this absurd and weird scene of the evil leader in the movie.

The evil leader (Captain Smek) is talking to one boov (source: Google)

The movie was not only funny and creative, it also had good soundtracks. The duration was not so long either, so the audience were not getting bored. We loved the movie, we loved it to bits.

The movie session was perfect – with a good movie; an exclusive classroom for us with the lights turned off; and no annoying noise around. The faculty was almost empty, especially the seventh floor, given the fact that it was almost 5 p.m. It was all perfect for us, even so, we thought that it would have been more perfect with snacks to crunch during the movie playing. Yes, that day, we had our own theater. It was totally the perks of going home last.

Watching a movie together like that was not the first time. We did it, a lot, in the past when we were together (like we were glued together) as a group. It was getting harder for us to be in the same place together, to do something together again. Having had the movie session that day just reminded me of one simple yet fun habit we used to have, something that we had not done again in a while.

After the movie ended, we still could not get over it, we still laughed until our stomachs hurt. It was around 4.30 p.m. when we got ready and packed our bags. We, however, took more time to just goofing around in the classroom – to dance weirdly in accordance to the after-movie songs; to stand randomly before the AC and feel the wind hit our faces; and to feel amazed by how the class turned out to be like a regular theater at the end of the movie. It was all weird and absurd of us doing, nevertheless, we were happy. We were weirdly happy.

We then left the classroom finding the outside temperature was so different from the inside’s. We then walked through the hallway, we stopped for a while, being captivated by the beautiful and clear sky that day. The sky was absolutely beautiful. It was crystal clear, it was the ultimate proof of Allah existence. Ummi and Mbake took some pictures of the sky, to make it memorable.

We then took the elevator, going down to the first floor. The campus life in the (almost) evening was clearly fun. Not only did we can have a class by ourselves, we also saw a lot of other students still busy doing their stuff. Some students were chatting; some were witnessing the election results known as Pemira held in the morning that day; and we were busy complimenting the sky, Allah’s masterpiece, Allah’s beautiful creation. We were all stunned by the view we saw – the sky looked more beautiful outside, in the faculty surrounding. Ummi and Mbake, once again, took some pictures of the sky. They also took some pictures on our way to the Fatullah Mosque. The results were good, as good as what we saw with our own eyes.

Our planning after watching the movie was to find some food since we were starving. We had cilok in mind, but ended up having seblak. Yes, seblak had been a good meal to end the day, especially for me, Syara, and Ummi. Mbake, who never joined us before, finally joined us that day. We then went to the usual seblak seller, and we soon ordered. The seblak was good as always. Mbake also said it good even though she only ate it a bit. She had never been a fan of seblak or kwetiaw, she recalled. We then enjoyed the seblak together, we also talked about any things that came to our minds.

What funny was the fact that we talked about Iki, even when she was not there with us. Talking about her always brought such laughter to us, making it hard to change the subject. In the middle of our talking, we saw Inten walking (quickly) passing the terrace we were sitting in. Excited, we called her, and she soon came to us. She looked pale and unwell, she then told us that she was sick. Her disease, furthermore, was something related to the “monthly period” thingy which all of us were really familiar with (all hail to women out there).

Inten was there for a few minutes, only stopped by to say “hi” and then left. She seemed in hurry (like she always did). Inten’s coming, as it turned out, gave us an inspiring topic to talk to. Ummi even googled it, the “monthly related” stuff, you know. We talked about it like we were experts on it. We talked it through, even until the contraception stuff. Yes, women could talk from one thing to another. It was intriguing, talking about reproduction and stuff, something that we would deal with in the future.

We talked and talked, not realized that it was almost 5.30 p.m. We then got ready to go home, respectively. It was such a fine day in terms of a good time we had and also in terms of the weather. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we were glad that we could appreciate it.


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