EED12A’s Second Photo Session

EED12A’s Second Photo Session

I just finished doing probably the toughest, most tiring, assignment, I had this semester. I could not be happier now since I was officially done with one subject. Yayness! Let us hope that the results paid my hard work. *fingers-crossed*

Anyway, today is Saturday again, the weekend is officially here. I have really wanted to write here since a couple of days ago, to write about the events I had day by day during this week. But, my college life did possess me more than anything, so I could not write as much as I wanted. I will say then that I can only write (seriously and completely) on the weekend. I am glad that I finally can write something other than college essays and stuff.

So, this writing will be more like I am telling you the highlights of the week. The week went as usual, but with some things unexpectedly happened. There were good and there were bad things happened, but I was still thankful for everything. First thing first, as I and my friend planned, we finally managed to take our pictures together again after the last photo session years ago. It was fun. I will tell you more.

I dressed up beautifully that day, well my friends told me so. Right after the second class ended which was PPK Class, we then positioned ourselves and set the class we wanted it to be. Our lecturer that day also joined us for several poses. Here is one picture we had with him:


You can see how neat the seat was. Our lecturer was there in the central position followed by the girls beside and behind him, and the three boys in the front row. Yes, it was such a beautiful photo. The photos were taken by using Ulia’s camera. It was actually her idea to have the photo session, and I could say that it was such a good idea indeed.

It was fun since almost all of us were there. We took turns taking pictures, selfies,  and stuff. There were like 80 pictures in total that had been shared by Ulia on her Facebook account. Here are for more:


That one was so special for me personally. Soon after Ulia uploaded the picture, it became the most used picture in our social messengers. The picture was beautiful with us pretending to take a selfie. The arrangement was neat, our position was beautifully solid.


Okay, so that was what I wore that day. The picture itself was taken by Ulia as a mandatory picture that day. Yes, we all had our personal pictures taken. My jilbab was from my friend’s line clothing called MomDreams which was overly promoted by the owner, Mega, the whole time. My outer was actually my mother’s which somehow fitted me well, and the usual red skirt. I have always hated that kind of personal picture of me simply because of my body problem, you know that I was probably too afraid to be looked fat and not beautiful at all. But, once again, since it was mandatory, I did not have another choice but simply followed my friends’ instructions and strike some poses. Thankfully, the results were not too bad.


Okay, that would be the last picture I shared related to the photo session stuff. So, after all of my other classmates went out, the rest of us (me and the chicks in the picture) were still in the class taking extra pictures. I took some selfies with my dear one Iyan (brown) and my other friends took some selfies with their own devices. Without me knowing it, Akira seemed like planning a photo session for us (us here, I must say, exclusively to our cabulers). It was too bad that both Inten and Mbake could not join us in the whole photo session. Anyway, the picture was supposed to be nice as we were all in our best positions, but then something funny happened. Yes, Iyan was there approaching us, ready to pose. But, she suddenly fell, to which she claimed that she was pushed by Iki (the one behind her, in pink). I personally could not resist but laugh, so loudly. My other friends, as seen in the picture, also laughed out loud. We were such “best friends”, being happy over someone’s misery. I honestly thanked Ulia for taking the picture, it surely captured the laughter we shared, the super genuine one.

The photo session ended around noon. After that, I and my girlfriends had lunch together, and we went home respectively. It was a super fun day. The even more fun part was when we used the picture, the selfie-fake one, as our profile pictures in our social messengers like BBM. It felt good to see that kind of picture. I felt that we were really connected to each other.

Some of us, including myself, started writing some touching piece about our friendship and togetherness, knowing that we would go into different directions soon. The major reason of the photo session was actually because of that, because of the fact that we could not have much time to be together again in the classroom. One bitter fact we tried to swallow.

So, that is all for now, the photo session was surely the highlight of the week!



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