Eating the delicious Satay Padang

Eating the delicious Satay Padang

Well, it is a fact that I love writing, so much, but it is not yet clear on what genre or type of writing I will more focus on. All this time, this personal blog has been filled with any topics that interest me, from the decent inspiring posts to the absurd blue ones. Either way, writing them really makes me happy. Writing is like having a nice and intimate chat with yourself, your personal one.

Anyway, despite the fact that I have not found my perfect genre yet, which is fine, I am totally interested in writing more (on a regular basis, hopefully) here, on my blog. Today’s post, as a result, will be about something I love most – food.

I had written about food before here, and it felt good to share what I liked to you (referring to my readers (if any, idk)). I previously shared about es podeng, seblak, a slice of bread, and even a bowl of noodle. I share, basically, any food I like. This post will be about something I and my dear parents love eating so much, Satay Padang. All hail to all Padang People out there!

So, almost every time my mother does not cook dinner, my family will always have Satay Padang as our rescue. My family is a true fan of Padang food, any kind of it. We love having the famous nasi padang for lunch every single day if possible. Anyway, this evening, I and my family enjoy the sate padang again, after a while. We are lucky enough to have a  neighborhood that is close to many food stalls, especially in the evening. Yes, I am grateful that we live in a such strategic location called LA, no not Los Angeles, but Lenteng Agung.

As the only man in the house, my father is responsible enough to go and buy the sate. When the food arrives, it is then my responsibility to unwrap and serve it. We then enjoy the sate padang together. No word comes out as we enjoy the food so much. The food is quite addictive, you know. Do not blame me for not taking my diet seriously, the food temptation always gets me, just so you know.

We finish eating the sate pretty quickly. Just like any other young people out there, right before I eat, I too take a picture of the sate. If other people capture their food to be posted on their social media (for no apparent reasons, to be really honest), I myself capture the food I eat to be posted here on my blog. To my self-justification, I will say that the latter is more reasonable as I will share the food to you, in a full description like this, and not a mere simple-quickly forgotten caption on social media (sorry). And the error occurs, I cannot upload the pictures I take here, for some technical problems in which the pictures from my cell phone do not show up. This annoys me obviously, but hey, thanks to Google.


I somehow hope that I can have a food picture as good as that one, but hey, maybe I can one day. Just who knows? right? Okay, so that is how the sate padang looks like. The sate is the pieces of meat, the beef meat, that is beautifully arranged just like in the picture. Sate padang, just like other sates, is served with rice cakes locally known as lontong. What makes sate padang special, however, is its mouthwatering  thick yellow sauce as the main attraction. Sate padang is also served by using banana leaf as you can see in the picture. It is then garnished with fried shallots.

I hope you have tasted the sate so we can have the same conclusion on how delicious it is. Every time I eat this, or any other Padang food, for that matter, I always wish to be born in Padang. Padang, as we know, has such unique and delicious cuisine. Padang people, therefore, are mostly very good cooks. The sate itself is quite affordable, a plate of sate padang is priced at around Rp. 12-14.000. For more information about this delicious treat, do check

So, that is all for today’s post. Enjoying a delicious food and trying a new one will always be my super mood-booster. And, yes, I am such a food lover. Cheers to food!



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