Trying out Udon

Trying out Udon

I had my Saturday well-spent as I went out to the usual mall in town together with my two babes. So, I had planned to go out with them this Saturday afternoon to do our monthly saving. This saving was obviously for our holiday trip to Malang. We set time to meet around 2 p.m. at Margo City Mall, our usual mall to hang out.

I was preparing myself when Shasa told me that Miftah, who was supposed to join us today, suddenly cancelled her coming in the last minutes. This upset me a little as I was almost ready to go, and suddenly I felt like I wanted to cancel too. Shasa and Icha, on the other hand, were all on their way to the mall. Shasa suggested me not to come and do the saving next week instead as it would not be so fun to hang out with just the three of us. But, I was in such a dilemma whether to go or not. I was all dressed up and ready to go. So, I decided to go with or without Miftah. I then remembered my another babe, Dhini, and invited her to join us. She gave me a pretty quick response saying that she could not come due to the lack of money. I understood, and I went myself.

I arrived at the mall around 2. 30 p.m. The traffic this afternoon was really bad, and it totally stressed me out. When I was already there at the mall, I had no clue where Shasa and Icha were. I gave them tons of texts and calls, but I got no single response. I then came to the theater, saw the now-showing movies, and sat there for a while. There was one movie that caught my attention, it was Point Break.

Shasa and Icha showed up around 3 p.m. I then told them about the movie, and I invited them to watch it. They were not interested, so I put the movie aside and changed the subject. We then discussed our holiday plan started from our schedule, our saving, to our final date to go. From our discussion, it could be concluded that our saving was enough for the five of us to go, it could also be concluded that we would go to Malang in January instead of December as our initial plan.

Done with the holiday, we moved to another interesting subject – food. Shasa told me that the udon restaurant at the mall was already opened. She also told me that the line was long enough that afternoon. Even so, as we all had planned long ago, we would like to try out the udon and headed straight to the restaurant on the first floor.

As predicted, there was the line there, but it was not so long, luckily. We then joined the line and started looking at the menu. The options looked so tempting, but my heart fell for udon chicken curry something something. We followed the ordering procedure right until the cashier counter. We then had our table ready and ate. The udon was so so so good. It was perfect – the udon and my two babes. What made it even more perfect was our topic over food this afternoon – Shasa’s current special guy. So, she told us about one guy, who was actually our classmate in senior high school and someone whom we were pretty close to. Shasa told us that this guy was like approaching her, well this was my conclusion as Shasa did not want to admit it yet. She shared every detail of their last night conversation, every sweet and intimate one. From what she told me, I was pretty sure that this guy was into Shasa. They could be a couple one day, or maybe soon, just in case.

This is what a bowl of udon looks like (source: Google)

Both Icha and I had so much fun teasing her. She looked a bit shy as she was in love or something. It was fun – seeing your friend was finally open about her love life. We talked about this particular guy for the rest of our afternoon. We finished eating around 5. 30 p.m. feeling super full and satisfied. The udon was a bit pricey, of course, but it was definitely worth it.

We then headed to the supermarket, still at the mall. There was something super funny yet awkward happened on our way – I suddenly shared about my future daughter’s name, Audrey, to Shasa and Icha. They both laughed instantly. To my surprise, Shasa also already got two names for her future son and shared them to us. We talked about our future life  for the rest of the evening started from our future children’s names, to the contacts of our future husbands, like I wanted to name my future husband, “Papah Audrey/Teman Hidup” while Icha chose “Husband”. It was super funny knowing that we were still in our 21 yet we were like looking forward to having our marriage life as soon as possible. Icha did it worse, of course, as she kept calling “Mamah Putri” referring to Shasa, for the rest of our shopping at the supermarket. It was like we really loved talking about marriage and stuff related to it. We also saw a lot of happy couples today as they happily spent their Saturday night together. This happy scene surely made the three of us imagine our own family later on. Ah, time flew so fast, we were all grown-ups.

The supermarket was so crowded this evening as we had to wait for several minutes to reach the cashier counter. When we were waiting, both Shasa and I begged Icha for an ice cream like two spoiling kids. Icha, acting as our mother, granted our wish. Icha bought three ice creams for each of us. We then walked from the supermarket to the main entrance licking our ice cream like little kids did. It felt good, being a little kid again. We then went home respectively around 7 p.m.

Today was one fine day, a Saturday well-spent. Weekend was officially here yet I still had to do my assignment. College life, yeah, but at least, I surely had fun today. Until next time!



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