Going into the next level

Going into the next level

Weekend is almost here, so it is a good time for me to write some sort of recap of what happened this week, what were the highlights this week, etc. Let me start now.

Monday to Thursday went pretty well – we had our regular classes, studied our regular subjects, and still focused on our future research proposal. We were all looking forward to attending this Friday’s workshop on academic or scientific writing which was intended to help us write our skripsi properly. We were also looking forward to knowing our final research proposal title that would be announced also on Friday, here we would also know our proposal adviser. Whoa, we were all both excited and nervous.

And the day came, the anticipated Friday was finally here. I came pretty on time around 8 a.m. Many of my friends were already there. Even so, they did not fill the front row seat, so I had to fill in and sit there. I was lucky to be accompanied by Syara, Iki, Kiki, and Nabila, sitting in the front row. I was lucky also since I could listen to the speakers’ explanation more clearly. You know, it was totally the perks of sitting in the front row.

The speakers at the workshop today were Mr. Alek and Mrs. Nurul, two of the most respected lecturers at our department. They were incredibly smart and both were good researchers. So, they fitted the role, being the speakers today. Both of the speakers were assisted by today’s workshop’s moderator, Mr. Zaharil, the secretary of EED. The workshop itself was from 8 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

After a brief opening by Mr. Zaharil, Mrs. Nurul took over the discussion. She started explaining from her Power Point slides which were mainly about the advice, strategies, ways, on how to speed up our undergraduate study and avoid plagiarism. The explanation was so insightful and inspiring. It personally motivated me to really speed up my study. I totally agreed with Mrs. Nurul’s ideas on writing and other stuff. I planned to implement them soon. Moreover, Mr. Alek’s explanation was as good as Mrs. Nurul’s, but he was way more energetic. It was so hard for most of us to concentrate on the explanation as Mr. Alek’s expressive gesture was so hilarious that we could not help but laughed, hard.

Both of the explanations were like eyes-opening for me myself. The speakers really persuaded and motivated us to speed up our study and continuously reminded us about the target of  when we should finish our final paper or skripsi. It was easier said than done, of course, as our lecturers persuasively encouraged us to do both the PPKT or our teaching practice and the research in order to speed up our study. We were determined to do so, on one hand, but we were pretty realistic not to, on the other, as we would have loads of other tasks and responsibilities during our PPKT later.

At this workshop, we also got our first Buku Pedoman Skripsi from The Faculty. We were all excited about having the book because the book was comprehensive and surely helpful in finishing our study. Mr. Zaharil also explained a few pages from the book and suggested us to read the book well.

Taken by Sasya

And here is how Mr. Alek, our very eccentric chairman, expressively did his presentation:

Taken by Hanifa


The whole discussion reached its end around 11. 30 a.m., and right before Mr. Alek and Mr. Zaharil closed the workshop, Mr. Alek took an iniative to lead a prayer for our success. It was such a calming and solemn moment for all of us as Mr. Alek sincerely spoke beautiful words after words for our success. I myself really took the prayer very seriously – I whispered “Aaamiin” for every good and hopeful word Mr. Alek uttered. Mr. Alek clearly did a good job as we were all touched by his prayer which sounded like it coming straight from his deepest heart. I thanked him for doing that. We all did.

And that was all, right after the last time of “Aamiin” and “Alhamdulillah“, the workshop was officially closed by both Mr. Alek and Mr. Zaharil. And here came the anticipated moment of the week – the announcement of our research proposal  title as well as our proposal adviser. We all thought that Mr. Zaharil would tell us right after the workshop ended, but we were all wrong. Mr. Zaharil then informed us that the announcement would be made after Zuhr, and the results would be posted on our announcement board. Whoa, another heart-beat-fasting moment.

After the workshop ended, we all got a certificate as a form of attendance. Here is the certificate:


We then headed to one restaurant to have our lunch. It was totally different from what we expected – the service was really bad today. The food took much time to serve and the waiter/waitresses did not work professionally. It surely caused the bad mood. We waited for the food though and stayed there until we finished eating. It was like we spent almost one hour there, mostly for waiting.

Around 1.45 p.m., we headed back to our faculty to see the announcement ourselves. We could not wait any longer, we were so curious. Unluckily, Mr. Zaharil had not posted it yet when we arrived on the fourth floor. It disappointed us, of course, as we had to wait for some more minutes. But then around 2 p.m., Mr. Zaharil came out from the department office bringing some papers with him. Some of us, like Inten and Sasya, anxiously followed him to the announcement board while I still patiently waited for my other friends to show up.

I finally joined the crowd a few more minutes after, and I saw it, I saw my name and my research proposal title under my adviser’s name, Ms. Nurul. I did not know what I felt exactly, it was like a combination of both happiness and anxiety. Happy that I now got a final title for the proposal seminar on February, and anxious that I now had to work my ass off writing my proposal.


And there we were feeling relived as we finally got our titles for our proposal seminar. This was like another accomplishment for us, and yet we were fully aware that there would be more steps to follow until we got our S.Pd. The fire is officially on! Bring it on, we are so ready! Bismillah, May the Almighty be with us.


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