The Research Titles and Teachers College

The Research Titles and Teachers College

Here we go again, Monday! It felt so fast to be back on track again. Weekend was not like weekend at all. I and my friends welcomed this Monday with a bit of worry inside of us as we submitted our research titles today to our Department Office. Submitting the titles was not an easy task, there was a funny and teary story behind it. Here, I will tell you more.

Akira, the truly vice president of our Students’ Association, informed us via our WhatsApp classroom group, that we needed to submit two titles for our research proposal. We were all shocked since we only had one title at that moment. We were not entirely sure about the first one, let alone searching for another one. I was in the middle of doing my assignment when Akira informed me the news. I was very lucky to have this kind of flash and really quick idea for my second title. It happened really fast without much of thinking, yet I felt pretty sure about it. I got my second title, something that I myself was really passionate about – writing. My second title or research would be focused on the use of diary writing.

Then came all of the complaints and status updates about the second title we needed to submit. I honestly really loved that kind of situation when we were all upset and tired yet we needed to finish and submit our task. That moment really connected us as classmates. So, my friends started thinking about their second titles. We also started searching for the required previous studies. We were all busy.

Today was the day. After finishing our one and only class on Monday morning, TNE, we all gathered to have such a brief discussion on how we would submit our titles. Sahlan, as our eternal KM, took charge of the submission process. We then agreed to gather back on the 4th floor at 1 p.m. Right after the discussion ended, I and my friends went straight to the printing place to have our titles and our previous studies printed. It was sort of funny and cool at the same time checking on my friends’ titles. We all had different ideas and topics for our future researches. I could say that my friends were pretty creative in finding their titles as many techniques they used as a topic were something I was not really familiar with.

Done with the printing stuff, we headed to our usual restaurant to have our lunch. Ummi and Iki went home right after we finished the printing while the four of us – I, Akira, Mbake, and Syara, stayed together. So, as our routine, we had our lunch together and had such a fun and light talk after. Our topic today was obviously about our future proposal and stuff related to it. Today, we felt really old, we had never felt this way before until today. We were almost there, one step closer to graduation.

As scheduled, we went back to our faculty and met Sahlan on the 4th floor. We then submitted our titles with the great help from Mbake who wrote down our names and titles onto the submission list. We waited for our other friends together until all of the titles were neatly submitted. We also received our Computer Certificate today (thanks to Sahlan) that was thankfully good. We were done around 2.30 p.m. and then went home respectively. So, that was about my title submission. Let’s hope that I and my friends get very good results for both our titles and our advisers. Aaamiin!

Anyway, I also feel like sharing about my morning class today. So, I only had one class today or every Monday for that matter. My class was Test and Evaluation 2 in which we mostly discussed about language assessments and issues related to them. My lecturer, who graduated from Teachers College Columbia University and Ohio State University, was so inspiring today. I was totally inspired by her charm in inviting us to be more critical about issues in assessment, like our meeting today where we discussed the issue in our country’s national examination or simply known as UN. I, moreover, was also inspired by her spirit and passion in sharing her knowledge, her vision, and her perspectives. Today, for example, she inspired me to pursue my higher education in the US or at Teachers College to be exact. Well, she inspired us all, but I felt like she was talking directly to me. She showed us her campuses’ websites and the standardized tests we needed to take in order to get accepted. This was pretty relevant since we had a discussion on standardized testing today.

Honestly, when my lecturer explained about the admission at Teachers College and the standardized tests we needed to take, I felt like my spirit raising again. I knew that I had been such a fanatic and so obsessed with the idea of getting a scholarship and studying abroad, but that spirit and goal often went up and down. It felt like I was not really serious about it as I had other options in mind. But, today, my eyes were once again opened by my lecturer’s persuasive explanation on how students from our university could apply for Teachers College, on how it was more than possible for us to be like her, to study there too one day. The meeting we had today really re-charged my motivation to get back on track and pursue my dream again. Despite many options I had in mind, I honestly knew that deep down, this one dream of studying abroad would never go away, and that was why I needed to make it true, to fight for it as hard as I could. Yeah!

So, that is all about today. I can say that today was all about my academic life starting from submitting my research titles, discussing our future researches with my friends, and feeling inspired to go get my bigger dreams. Yes, Alhamdulillah for today.


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