Visiting A Job Fair

Visiting A Job Fair

Weekend was supposed to be spent outside, be it going to your favorite places; hanging out with your friends; and simply visiting events that you had never been to. I did exactly the last thing – visiting an event I had never been to. Last weekend, I visited a job fair held by UI’s Vocational Program with my two best friends, Shasa and Firda. Here is the complete info

I myself did not know about the event until Shasa informed me this. She was actually the one who really needed this kind of opportunity – visiting job fairs, as she had not found a job yet (hopefully soon!). Shasa invited me and other friends as well to come and be her guest to which I gave ‘no’ at first as I had another plan to do that Saturday. But, things could change, plans could go differently than what you planned first. I finally said ‘yes’ to Shasa and agreed to come with her. She was pleased, of course. To my surprise and absolutely delight, she invited Firda too, our senior high school mate.

We met at UI around 11 a.m. I was so happy to finally see Firda again after what felt like ages. Then, the three of us went straight to the Balairung, a kind of UI’s main hall where many events usually held. To our surprise, there was a pretty a long line there, at the entrance. We clearly did not have another choice but to join the crowd on the line. Thankfully, it did not as long as I first imagined. The ticket itself was Rp. 25.000 per individual. As we went inside the venue/the Balairung, we could feel the competitiveness atmosphere right away. It felt so hot inside too due to so many folks coming that day. I, who was not really interested in coming at first, finally joined the crowd to vigorously visit each booth. My two friends who needed jobs were even more vigorous. Shasa and Firda started dropping their CVs; taking any brochures available; and giving their contacts. Me? not so much, I just walked here and there paying attention to my surrounding. There were quite a lot of companies taking part in this job fair starting from Bank BNI; Kompas; Destinasian Media Group; Pasar Raya; Dompet Dhuafa; etc. There were some other companies that I was not really familiar with offering some positions for eligible candidates.

From what I observed during my visit, there were some requirements that I saw most companies urgently needed. Positions like web developer; IT person; accountant; and manager were mostly sought. The job fair was clearly intended for those who would like to work at companies, not for someone coming from educational field like me. My place or (should I say my battle?) was not there. I would have my own battle later, competing with thousands of English Education graduates throughout Indonesia to get that position, an English teacher. That day was for Shasa and Firda, but I did see one booth offering a part time English teacher position which obviously caught my attention. It came from what was like an English course named UTS Insearch Gramedia (I honestly did not know about this course at first. Well, I seriously lacked of information). This one could fit me, I knew, and yeah I could give it a try.

Visiting a job fair like that opened up my eyes on how many young and possibly talented Indonesians were still being unemployed. It also showed me that getting a job was definitely not an easy task. Each company wanted the best candidate ever, and this forced us to be able to present ourselves as good as possible, to fulfill all of the requirements needed. What terrified me the most was the fact that I myself was far from what the requirements said as a perfect or ideal candidate. I still lacked of many essential skills needed in many job fields which should motivate me to keep up and better myself. My conclusions from this visit would be that getting a job was not a piece of cake, and if we dreamed of having a good job or position, then we should do everything to have what it took to be hired – to make ourselves worth hiring for. This simply meant that we, or I especially, needed to have more experiences; keep learning; and keep improving ourselves. Yeah!

Enough with the job fair, the three of us finally left the venue feeling hungry and tired. The usual job fair was like that, Shasa told me. It was crowded, hot, and exhausting. We then went outside the venue and found some food stalls ready to satisfy our thirst and hunger. We stopped by at one drink stall which sold a pretty unique drink. The drink priced Rp. 13.000. We then sat and relaxed around the venue. It was like the old days, sitting side by side and talking anything that came to our minds. After several minutes drinking and relaxing, Firda suddenly had to leave. She had to attend like a Japanese club she and her two friends established long ago. I and Shasa tried our best to make her stay, but she insisted on going, so off she went.

It was around 1 p.m. when I and Shasa decided to go to the nearby mall to have a lunch. It was Saturday after all, we were not supposed to be home early. So, after performing the Zuhr prayer, we went straight to one food stall which sold Okonomiyaki. I just basically followed Shasa’s lead as I had no idea on what to eat that afternoon. It turned out that the Okonomiyaki we had was so so good that I promised myself to buy one again in the near future. The rest of the afternoon was just us having a light chit-chat.

It was around 4 p.m. when Firda suddenly contacted us telling that she would come and join us. We then waited for her for almost an hour until she finally came up. We then sat there while drinking our drinks we bought some minutes earlier and had another chit-chat. It was a brief chit-chat with Firda as Shasa began asking us to go home. The reason was very obvious – she wanted to watch the so-called popular soap opera, Elif. So, we decided to go home as it was already 6 p.m. anyway. We then exchanged goodbyes and went home respectively.

It was one fine day with my friends. I was pretty happy to visit an event I had never visited before. That would be my first job fair visit and certainly would not be my last one.

So, this post has reached its end. Until next one!


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