From a bad time management to another book-hunting

From a bad time management to another book-hunting

Today is another day caused by a bad time management. I was supposed to attend my morning class, Micro Teaching, but ended up going to a bookstore instead. It all happened because of me waking up late. Well, I will explain more.

I had been offline for a couple of days which meant that I could not use the Internet on my phone. I can say that I am very addicted to the Internet now, to social media, to status updating and stuff. Being unable to be online surely made me crazy. These couple of days, for example, I could only be online after midnight, this was of course by using the midnight quota. I had been doing this like a lot when I did not have the normal quota. You will probably ask me why I do not just buy the pulsa so I can have my normal quota and online. Well, my answer is pretty simple – the quota is quite pricey, you know. It does not last long either. When it comes to using quota, I can be so extravagant. I can be online all day and night long. So, yeah, instead of spending quite money on quota, I choose to use my midnight quota instead. But this brings its own disadvantages.

These past few days, I had such bad insomnia due to the midnight online activity. I could not sleep until the midnight and online. I would sleep after midnight, usually around 3 a.m. after doing online for hours. I know this is not healthy, but still. Or, I would sleep early like around 9 p.m. and then woke up around 1 a.m. and online until 4 a.m. I had a hard time sleeping because of the internet, it worsened my insomnia of course. And worst of all was the fact that I would fall asleep when  Subuh approaching. I would sleep then, and as you could guess, I would woke up late. It happened today – waking up late and missing my one and only class on Friday. This upset me, a lot. I  wanted to see my friends teaching today, I wanted to go to campus. In this kind of situation, what I hated most was the fact that it was all my fault, I surely could not put the blame on someone else. Next time, I would finish my assignments, go to bed early, avoid the Internet, and wake up fresh and excited the next day. I would not let the Internet control me! yeah.

As I cursed myself for being late this morning, I also did a sort of reflection. Online should not be something important for me. I surely needed to manage my time much wiser. Let me make this clear, the not-so-important online thing:

First thing first, when I was online last night, for example, what I usually did was reading all of the messages that came to my phone. Then, I would go directly to my Instagram and scroll the posts I missed that day. Then, I would scroll onto my Facebook as well, I would re-post some good posts, and update something in mind (sometimes). Then, I would go to Youtube and listen to some, well let me be honest here, galau or mellow songs. This, listening to mellow songs, was absolutely unhealthy for me as I could turn to be so melodramatic and pathetic at the same time. All of these activities surely worsened my insomnia. I hated myself for this, for my failure to manage my time. I hated the addiction that gradually grew inside me, the addiction to the Internet or social media. What I hated most, moreover, was the fact that no matter how frequent I was online, or no matter how many statuses or updates I made, no one seemed to care. So, I better minimized my time online and maximized my time to something else that truly, truly, mattered, like studying; reading a good book; writing; or doing something else I was surely able to do.

Today’s event surely taught me a lesson on how to spend my time better in the future and not to spend my time too much on those distractions. Waking up late did not make me stay at home though, I went to a bookstore to cheer myself up. I also wanted to buy a new novel, so yeah there was another reason to go.

I went to a bookstore alone because my friends were all busy, I guessed. I personally loved it better to buy books alone, it was just calming. Once I arrived at the bookstore, I went directly to the foreign novels section, my favorite section by the way. I then took a look at some titles, but got myself a new novel by one of my favorite authors, Rainbow Rowell, called Carry On.

After getting myself the novel, my hunt for books continued. I then visited another bookstore nearby. I wanted to buy one Indonesian novel at first, but then got myself an import magazine instead. I was pretty happy to have my first ever copy of Time magazine. I then went to a food court and bought myself a snack. It was a Taiwanese crispy chicken snack known as Sihlin, and it was good. I then read several first pages of Time while eating the snack. It was like I was having another me-time moment – something I would always treasure. In this kind of situation that I usually felt lonely yet happy at the same time. That thing – reading and eating at a public place were things I enjoyed. I certainly did not mind having it by myself, but still, having someone to be my company would make it better.

Time flew so fast when we did something we loved, right? it was around 2 p.m. when I decided to go home. My snack was almost empty anyway. I then went to the nearest musola to perform the Zuhr prayer and headed home afterwards.

Whoa, it was such a fine day at the end. I began the day feeling upset and disappointed, but luckily, I knew exactly how to cheer myself up, so I ended up having a good day. Alhamdulillah.


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