Visiting the so-called-cool library

Visiting the so-called-cool library

And yeah, here we go again with another post about a place I recently visited. Let’s continue, shall we?

So, I and Iki had a hard time finding good books and references about our topic for our next presentation. We then came up with the idea to visit Atmajaya University’s library. We believed that we would find some related books there. We had heard that the library had a good book collection especially English.

I and Iki were determined to come on Friday, right after we finished our micro teaching class. We invited our other friends, and Syara did join us. We then set off around 11.30 a.m. after having lunch.

It was pretty easy to get there. We just had to ride APTB bus from our campus and then stopped at Benhil’s bus stop. From there, we just had to walk and there, the campus. We really had a good time riding the aptb. It was a fast journey, luckily, because the traffic was not so bad.

As soon as we got off from the bus, the first thing we thought of was where we could perform our dzuhur prayer. We then went straight to the mall next to the campus. It was Plaza Semanggi Mall. We entered the mall and soon surrounded ourselves with a lot of stuff from bags to clothing.

We walked and walked but did not find the musola we had been looking for. We then took an escalator to the basement and there, the musola. The musola was not really comfortable. It was such a shame. It broke my heart to know how big malls tended to have such poor musola. We used the musola though.

We then went to the campus. It was awkward at first, it was the first time for all of us to be there. We tried to familiarize ourselves with the campus. We did not know exactly where the library was. We kept walking anyway, and luckily found it pretty fast.

The library was accessible for public. All you had to do was giving your ID card as a guarantee and then you would get a key locker and voila, welcome! It was free as well.

Once we were inside, we went straight to the bookshelves and wildly looked for the books. We had so much fun going into different bookshelves and exploring the library. Here is what the library looks like:




It was such a shame that I and Iki could not find any books that we needed. From what I observed, the library did indeed have a good book collection especially English, I surely would explore each bookshelf and checked every English book if I had much time. But, the shelves were too high so it was difficult for us to reach the books. We clearly needed some assistance on this like having the library staff to help us or using a chair or something and going high to take the books ourselves which was not effective and convenient. Anyway, like the name suggested, the campus indeed showed many signs of christianity around its building and of course, library. I saw the statue of Jesus in each room and floor in the library. It was a strange view for me, of course, but that was when the sense of tolerance and understanding emerged.

Anyway, we spent around 3 hours at the library. We read some books, took selfies (of course!), explored each section of the library, and we were amazed by the interior and design. I personally really liked the quotes I found in many different walls in the library. I could not resist not to capture them.



Feeling enough of what we had on the first floor, we then went to the second floor to have our books photocopied. And this was clearly a plus point for the library service, it had its photocopy section for outside campus visitors like me. And yeah, we were there waiting for our photocopies. Iki tried again to search our books, and lucky us, she found one. She then went to the first floor again to check the book and soon bring it to the second floor and have it photocopied.

It was funny knowing that we could be that happy to finally get one reference for our paper. We had a little hope at the end. Finished with the photocopy, we then went downstair and got ready to go home. And that was when a super funny thing happened. We were sure since the beginning that the library was the one with focus on linguistics and not the main library of the campus. We actually planned to visit the main library right after we visited the first linguistics one. And bam! when we took the ID just before we went outside, we found out from the locker keeper that the library we were now visiting was the main library, and the linguistic library was there too at the same building, on the third floor. We just stood there in silence feeling so dumb and weird and funny at the same time.

We then decided to go back inside and see what the third floor looked like. It was funny knowing that we had been on the second floor when we did the photocopy and yet we did not realize and bother to see the third floor. And then there we were, on the third floor. And that was indeed the linguistics section because there was a big collection of linguistics books. The interior was still as cool as the first floor.


We explored the third floor a bit before going home. It was good knowing that we finally managed to come to that library. We found our way from the library to the out gate pretty easy and fast. No confusion or lost necessary hehe.

We then went inside the mall again and performed our Asr prayer at the same musola. Before going home, the three of us bought some bread first realizing how hungry we were after doing the book-hunting. We then went home!

We took a bus to the Blok M bus station. We ate our bread in the bus. Gosh, we were hungry! It was pretty fast to reach the bus station. We then went into different directions respectively. Iki and I ended up being in the same bus, however, while Syara happily went home with her boyfie.

The traffic that evening was pretty bad. I was so bored being stuck in the traffic like that. Luckily I had Iki with me whom I could talk to. Then yeah, we finally arrived in our destination. I arrived at home around 7.30 p.m. feeling tired and satisfied at the same time.

Anyway, here are the selfies we took:




My book-hunting partners, Syara and Iki.

And that is a wrap! It was such a lovely book-hunting indeed. I am personally looking forward to having another one. Until next time!


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