The complete story of my morning run

The complete story of my morning run

Last Sunday was a bliss for me as I finally managed to run! Yeay! I had been planning this for a while. I was a bit afraid though that I could not wake up early.

Luckily, I could wake up early and did my morning run. I arrived at UI’s favorite running spot around 6.30 a.m. There were already many people there taking a slow walk or running. There were also others doing their physical activities. It was such a good view to see. The air was also fresh and relaxing.

I did my run then all by myself because my running partner had not arrived yet. Yes, I got Dhini to accompany me that morning. She was such a good running partner.

She arrived around 7 a.m. after I ran several times. We then ran again together. It was such a quick run because after several minutes running, Dhini took me to a queit place and stopped our running.

It turned out that she needed me to shoot a video of her doing some sort of kayang pose. I did exactly what she told me. She was indeed that weird. After doing the video shooting, she then invited me to walk and come to the engineering faculty. I did not know why, but I just played with it.

We walked and walked. The faculty was so far. I passed the road I had never passed before. I became more familiar with the campus. And yeah, after a long and tiring walk, we finally arrived at the faculty.

The faculty was unique. Its park, corridor, and building were all good. We then took a lot of more selfies. We sat for a while, enjoying the view that we could not see everyday, and feeling peaceful inside.

That was such a nice morning indeed. We then continued walking and headed home. On our way back home, we talked mainly about our own love lives. How Dhini tried her best to get over her ex and how I tried my best to get my own lover. It was such a tough topic and a sad one.

I suddenly felt the urge to eat a burger. I was really into a burger that day, I could not resist. I then invited Dhini to have a burger with me. We ended up sitting at one fast food restaurant and having our burgers. The burger was good. We felt full and satisfied. We then just sat there unable to walk because of our fatty tummies. We had no clue what to do.

It was funny and awkward how I and her did not want to go home. We just wanted to be there and sat and relaxed. We did not want to leave that place because of the super sunny weather and our sore feet. We finally got our butts off though. We almost said goodbye and headed our own ways when we saw a tukang rujak. We then stopped and realized that we were thinking the same thing – we gotta bought one rujak!

We finally bought one and headed to the mall we usually hung out at. And there we were sitting at the food court and having our rujak together. It was not as good as it seemed. Pretty disappointing. We ate it and then finally, seriously, headed home.

It was such a good day indeed. A good escape from our own routines. It was funny how we ran for like several minutes and yet explored one faculty instead. It was funny as well how we shared everything from food and drink. Yeah, we brought very limited money with us. All and all, we knew that we had fun.

And here are the selfies we took:




And here is the rujak:


And that is all. Until the next run, folks!!!


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