The not-so-productive days

The not-so-productive days

Yep my last post here on my blog is about me having a bad time management which led to an unproductive day. It turned out, however, that my Monday was not as hectic as I and my friends imagined.

My monday was supposed to be so hectic with three classes. I already imagined how tiring that would be. But, everything changed all of a sudden. My imagination was completely different from how things worked that day. And here are the details:

– I skipped my morning class because I was late. It was a super shame, I know. My lesson learned is to never skip a class no matter what!
– The reason why I was late was mainly because I stayed up pretty late the night before doing my Statistics assignment. It turned out that my Statistics class was cancelled which meant the assignment would due on Thursday. And I was like, “please just kill me now.”
– The second class that day, the one which I really focused on was also cancelled due to the fact that the classroom was not available. I was supposed to be doing my teaching practice that day and I was the very first person who would did that. That was reasonable why I prepared it well enough and was so ready to do it. And yet again, it was postponed until this Friday. It was like I had done my lesson plan and teaching stuff pretty nicely. I do not know where this teaching class will go. The schedule and everything are just a blur. Again, I was like, “Anybody, please just kill me now.”

All and all, my monday turned to be a so empty day instead of a hectic one. I completely did nothing major that day which was funny. I and my friends also could go home early, around 1.30 p.m. And yeah, before going home, we had a lunch together first and talked about life (both literally and figuratively :p).

So, that is all. I clearly learn my lessons on do not skip any class no matter what and on how everything is so unpredictable and uncertain. Yeah.

I was so lazy to come home early that day. So, I texted Shasa and invited her to hang out a bit. She welcomed my invitation. We then met at the nearest mall and had our lunch. We talked about her job interview over food. And around 4 p.m., my another friend, Dini, also came and joined us. We then talked about business Dini had recently learned. It was pretty interesting. We also talked about a possibility of us, dimms, having our own business. Some sort of an online shop selling snack. I was so excited about that, we were all. Our talking was finally about creating something cool and useful. We ended up talking about this until 6.00 p.m. We then went home respectively after that.


The next day after that, Tuesday, the same a not-productive-day happened again. I was supposed to have two classes that day. It turned out that the two lecturers did not come. It was such a shame. We still had the weekly presentations though.

After my first class ended, I and my friends went to our regular food restaurant to have our brunch. We then went to the kosan. Dila and Ummi were busy doing their group assignment while Mbake was in pain for her early days period. I and Iki were just chillin’ out.

It was such a long time, coming and gathering at the kosan again. We were all there talking, cracking jokes, and laughing. We then got prepared around 1.30 p.m. to attend the next class. And yet, before leaving the kosan, we took some selfies first. Such typical girl things~

I, in fact, took some more selfies on the way to class. It was fun. We then walked to the class pretty quickly, afraid of coming late. It turned out that the lecturer did not come yet when we arrived. What a relief! Sasya and Inten were taking selfies while the rest of the class was busily chatting. Waiting and waiting, it was certain that the lecturer did not come. Mbake and Iyan then did the presentation. It ended pretty quickly. After the class ended, I and Iki went straight to the faculty library to find some books on Error Analysis. Unfortunately though, we did not find any. We then went home and stopped by one food stall which sold seblak. Yeah, we craved for seblak that lovely afternoon!

The seblak was good and spicy. It was the second time I tried this particular food, and it was as good as the first try.


We had our usual talk over seblak until 5 p.m. We then performed the Asr prayer and then headed home.

It was such a good talk and food. It was also a quite relaxing day, it was just going to campus to hang out with friends instead of studying. Either way, all good.

So, that is all about my two not-so-productive days. Hopefully, there will be more productive days ahead than the unproductive ones. Cheers! 


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