A bad time management is disappointing

A bad time management is disappointing

This post will be mostly about my regrets of having such a bad time management. This disappoints myself and upsets me a lot. Let me share it here.

I had like three days off, a full-time weekend started from Friday to Sunday. It was all good. It was too good until I kept postponing my assignments. I waited until the very last day to do the assignments. I regret it now.

Friday to Saturday were spent only by watching TV, laying on my bed, and continuously checking my phone. It was such wasted times. Then Sunday was spent by having my morning run with my friend and having fun a little. Still, I did not feel like doing my assignments.

There were many things distracting me during a weekend like that. This might be only an excuse, but yeah, I was distracted a lot. It was so relaxing that I just laid on my bed and did absolutely nothing. Then on Sunday evening, the rush was on. I started doing my Statistics assignment which I considered easy and simple at first but it was actually complicated. I cursed myself big time why I did not do this earlier. I then kept doing the assignment until around 10 p.m. when my eyes slowly fell asleep. I could not resist the temptation to sleep. It made me moody and mad at myself. One one hand I surely wanted to finish this assignment, I also had not read my Language Assessment book, plus I had not rehearsed my teaching practice yet. What an evening! On the other hand, I just wanted to hit the bed as soon as possible. I was so so sleepy. Finally, I made the wisest decision of all – went to bed. I could not concentrate anymore, I was weak, I surrendered (I am sorry if this is too dramatizing)

I only got around 5 hours of sleep. I woke up this morning grumpy because I wanted to have more sleep. I then decided to skip my morning class. I went back to my Statistics assignment and tried to finish it. I was unease though knowing that I did not want to skip my first class today. I loved that class for God’s sake!

Then all of a sudden, I thought about going to my campus and attending the class instead. I then downloaded a gojek application and soon ordered a ride. I took a shower and dressed up as fast as a human could (?)

My ride arrived pretty long which made me upset. It was around 6.45 that I finally hit the road. I honestly expected that I would arrive around 7.15 and had my perfect normal day as usual. It was a nice ride because I felt the wind on my face and wait, please understand, I rarely rode a motorcycle like that, so I could be a little bit lebay. Anyway, the driver took many different routes. It took around 44 minutes to get to my campus. I was already pessimistic then knowing that I could not make it on time, let alone in time like I expected. I then sighed in despair accepting the fact that I did have to skip the first class.

I arrived on campus around 7.40 a.m. I knew that I still could make it to the class, but I needed to print my teaching materias first. This made me curse again knowing that how stupid I was postponing that kind of printing. I should have done that on Sunday afternoon if I was not too lazy to do so. I cursed myself for that. Then I went to the nearest print shop, and had my papers printed. All done around 8.52. I took a deep breath accepting the consequences of being such a couch potato during the weekend – skipping my first class.

I went to the fifth floor and opened my Statistics assignment, again. Finally, I almost finished that assignment. I actually did not care about the assignment anymore. I was still pretty upset about my bad time management and also about the seemed unprofessional driver this morning. I am sure  I would have arrived faster if the driver took fast and simple routes instead of riding around any routes that did not actually lead my way. That was a shame and incredibly disappointing.

I surely learn my lesson today. I surely will spend my time and my weekend, in particular, way more wisely. Yeah, a good preparation and a good time management are what excite me and help me get through anything. Well, that seems so. So, cheers to a better time management!


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